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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Revolve Treatment for Thinning Hair from Zenagen

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Thinning hair. We all know clients who have it, but may not know the best way to treat it. Luckily, Zenagen has developed a new haircare regime that can effectively reverse hair loss. The patented nutraceutical formula works by defending follicles against the cause of 95% of hair loss in men and women—DHT, or dihydrotestosterone.

Zenagen-treated hair grows back thicker, fuller and healthier, with just five minutes of shampoo-based treatment, 3-4 times per week.

For your male clients:
 Zenagen Revolve Treatment reverses thinning, shedding and male pattern baldness with five-minute treatments every other day. The all-natural formula penetrates all the way to the roots, cleansing the hair follicles of DHT and preventing future production and buildup with no systemic effects while increasing hair density.
For the ladies in your chair:
Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Women is a shampoo-based hair therapy system formulated with all-natural red clover extract, and is engineered to complement natural female body chemistry to cleanse follicles of DHT and prevent future production and buildup while increasing hair volume—all with no systemic effects.
The second step in the Zenagen Revolve system, Zenagen Revolve Conditioner is a unisex product designed to complement the Revolve Treatments for men and women to reduce shedding, increase hair density and volume while maximizing shine and manageability. Conditioning is recommended after each Zenagen Revolve Treatment application.

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