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Last updated: August 21, 2020

Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience


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The Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience is the first ever salon-exclusive collection from Oribe. The system can be customized for each client to address a wide variety of hair concerns, like strength, color retention and smoothness. The treatment fortifies the inner structure of hair, while restoring the damaged outer layer by creating a shield that locks in essential moisture and smoothes the cuticle. The Treatment Experience works in two steps:


Step One: The Foundations

The Foundations are the base of the treatment service. Choose one that’s tailored to the client’s hair type—from Fine to Medium and Medium to Course. The ingredients feature:

  • Bio-Synergy fortifies the inner structure of the hair, while restoring the damaged outer layer.
  • Creatine repairs the cuticle and protects the hair from damage.
  • Hair Radiance Complex seals the cuticle and improves vibrancy and shine.
  • Polymeric UV Filter provides conditioning and color protection against fading, dryness and sun damage.
Foundation for Fine to Medium Hair


Step Two: The Amplifiers

Add the Amplifiers to the Foundations based on the client’s specific hair needs—smoothness, strength or color retention.

  • Smoothing Amplifier reduces frizz and makes strands smooth and soft for easy control.
  • Strengthening Amplifier improves hair’s elasticity and tensile strength with each application.
  • Color Retention Amplifier restores the strands outer layer, shields hair from oxidative stress and improves color’s vibrancy and shine after multiple washes.


Color Retention Amplifier


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Manufacturer: Oribe, @oribe

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