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Last updated: August 21, 2020

Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience

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The Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience is the first ever salon-exclusive collection from Oribe. The system can be customized for each client to address a wide variety of hair concerns, like strength, color retention and smoothness. The treatment fortifies the inner structure of hair, while restoring the damaged outer layer by creating a shield that locks in essential moisture and smoothes the cuticle. The Treatment Experience works in two steps:


Step One: The Foundations

The Foundations are the base of the treatment service. Choose one that’s tailored to the client’s hair type—from Fine to Medium and Medium to Course. The ingredients feature:

  • Bio-Synergy fortifies the inner structure of the hair, while restoring the damaged outer layer.
  • Creatine repairs the cuticle and protects the hair from damage.
  • Hair Radiance Complex seals the cuticle and improves vibrancy and shine.
  • Polymeric UV Filter provides conditioning and color protection against fading, dryness and sun damage.
Foundation for Fine to Medium Hair


Step Two: The Amplifiers

Add the Amplifiers to the Foundations based on the client’s specific hair needs—smoothness, strength or color retention.

  • Smoothing Amplifier reduces frizz and makes strands smooth and soft for easy control.
  • Strengthening Amplifier improves hair’s elasticity and tensile strength with each application.
  • Color Retention Amplifier restores the strands outer layer, shields hair from oxidative stress and improves color’s vibrancy and shine after multiple washes.


Color Retention Amplifier


For more information, visit oribe.com.

Manufacturer: Oribe, @oribe

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