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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Olivia Garden SilkCut Shear Collection

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“Olivia Garden’s silk-cut shears are the best I’ve come across by far! I’ve been addicted to these shears for 8 years! The shape is perfect and relieves hand, wrist, and arm pain. I have multiple pairs and absolutely LOVE them all! With excellent customer service what else could a stylist ask for?” – Ashley Harris, Casa Bella Salon, Port Aransas, TX

As a hairdresser, odds are your number one, can’t live without tool in your kit is your shears. You use them everyday on every client that sits in your chair. But all that usage take a toll on the shears, causing them to become dull over time. But not any more! Olivia Garden’s SilkCut Shears Collection comes with all the desired features of a high quality shear, plus it offers an incredible service program! SilkCut is made of Chromium reinforced stainless steel. The blades have ultra sharp edges for effortless cutting and are reinforced with steel alloy for extra strength. The hand-honed, powerful, razor-sharp convex blades are simply incredible. 

Shears feature an adjustable leaf spring tension with dial markings for extra precision when adjusting the shear to one’s ideal tension setting. The ergonomic handle designs offers optimal finger rest positions for effortless cutting with all fingers. The comfortable offset handle has a special thumb curvature which keeps the hand relaxed in a natural, open position. Plus, SilkCut has the optimal weight and balance to alleviate any stress on the hand and wrist. SilkCut comes with 1 shear and 1 thinner in an elegant zipper case. Available in three lengths: 5-inch, 5.75-inch and 6.5-inch and a 35-tooth thinner. All lengths available in a left-hand version.

All that plus, a unique and truly amazing shear program. When your shears need to be sharpened, the stylist can trade-in the used SilkCut shear for a brand new pair! The trade-in costs the same as the industry average price for a sharpening service. Which means no more back-up shear, no more waiting and no more sharpening instead. Instead, get a brand new pair every time, right away! How incredible is that?!

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