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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Life Collection Shears from Cricket

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How to make your cuts faster, easier and more fun: Step 1. Convince all of your clients that a sleek, one-length bob is the way to go. Step 2. Sit all of your clients in a row and run down the line, brandishing your shears. The most important step of all? Select the right shear for the job!

The Cricket Life Shears Collection offers a wide range of shears for all of your cutting, layering and blending needs. The Cricket signature convex edge easily moves through any texture hair and makes techniques such as slide cutting and channel cutting easy.

All of the Life Collection Shears are forged from polished stainless steel, with hollow ground blades. The offset handle design offers maximum comfort while the custom tension knob allows instant adjustment for all hair textures. Also featured on all Life Collection shears are a heavy-duty titanium leaf spring tension, comfort silencer and removable finger rest.

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