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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Keracolor Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioning Treatment

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Are impurities in the water damaging your client’s hair? While some high end salons invest in expensive water purifying systems, you don’t have to. Keracolor Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioning Treatment delivers exclusive Krystal Water Complex that protects hair and preserves color by neutralizing chlorine and damaging trace minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, silica, lead and copper found in tap water.

Simply mist Purify Plus onto towel-dried hair and instantly eliminate the damaging effects. Purity Plus should be used every time hair is washed. Since water is the last thing to touch hair in the rinsing process, using Purity Plus as a final step will ensure the impurities on hair are unable to obstruct its natural or chemically enhanced beauty.

Additionally, Purity Plus is a leave-in conditioner infused with Keratin to help strengthen and rebuild damaged hair. It conditions and detangles while providing softness and a beautiful shine.

For more information visit www.keracolorhair.com.

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