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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Extension-Blending Eliminator Shear

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Do you live in shear fear of lopping off way too much when trying to blend extensions? Let easihair pro set your mind at ease. Their new Eliminator Shear is designed for extension blending, rather than cutting. 

This forgiving shear is designed with a low reduction rate which allows the stylist to blend and layer extensions into the client’s own hair for a seamless look.  The Eliminator’s 10%-15% reduction rate (as opposed to most thinning shears, which have a reduction rate of 30%-50%) means less hair removed and more stylist control and confidence.

Manufactured in Japan, The Eliminator is made of high-grade Japanese steel and is double-sided, one side serrated and the other straight-tooth. The Eliminator’s hand-crafted 3-serrated blade creates the perfect vortex when cutting at an angle and allows for a softer edge when blending hair.

Easihair pro offers The Eliminator Shear as part of the company’s Level 2 education course (live and/or online) featuring ‘Basic Hair Extension Cutting and Blending’. This provides stylists with a solid foundation for customizing a full-length application of easilengths. The comprehensive tutorial focuses on six cutting, blending and face-framing techniques.  Also included is an advanced blending course, “Seamless Layering”, which shows how to utilize The Eliminator Shear’s fullest potential.

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