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Last updated: April 10, 2014

Electric Hotrazor from Ergo

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The electric ERGO hotrazor with heated blades has become the creative stylist’s ‘razor of choice’ for damage-free cutting on all hair types. It breaks all the rules for those warned not to ‘razor cut’ fine or curly hair.
“The reduced diameter of our hotrazor makes for extra comfort within the hand. Cutting on dry (or towel-dried) hair or blending in natural hair extensions is effortless. There’s no drag or tearing/ripping sensation as can be with regular razors,” says According to ERGO President Robert Reed.

It’s all part of ERGO’s hotrazor heat-sealing technology, targeted at 350 degrees (°F) for maximum cutting glide-ability. Even extremely curly or fine hair types can now benefit from the removal of extra weight or creation of texture without frizziness.

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