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Last updated: June 01, 2017

DETOX Clarifying Shampoo from Pravana

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Do you know what’s hiding in your clients hair? Mineral and medication deposits, product buildup and excessive oils can sabotage most salon services. Remove the guesswork about what’s in you client’s hair with Pravana’s new sulfate-free DETOX Clarifying Shampoo. This gentle and thorough cleansing shampoo will rid the hair of any buildup or deposits, creating a clean “canvas” to work on. Best of all, it works great before a color application! Start by Detoxing your clients before a color application to purify the hair and prime it for the best absorption of color or other chemical services, giving the stylists more consistent results and the clients more stunning color results.

Key Benefits Include:
– Prepares hair to be in an optimum state to receive haircolor or chemical services.
– Contains special chelating agents that trap and contain mineral deposits and other surface artifacts that release when shampoo is rinsed from the hair. Ideal for those living in areas with well water or with water high in minerals.
– Serves as a great way to prevent and treat the “swinners green” tint that often affects blondes and is typically caused by copper deposits in the hair.

* Available in January 2015

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DETOX Clarifying Shampoo from Pravana

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