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Last updated: September 19, 2017

3-Step Conditioning System

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Whether it’s summer or winter, hair is always at risk of damage—but it doesn’t have to be! TRUSS Professional has created a special three-step reconditioning system to douse hair with moisture and restore health almost immediately.


First, defy damage created from outside aggressions with TRUSS Miracle Shampoo. Equipped with active ingredients that protect against color fading due to outside elements like harsh UV rays and damaging chemicals, the Miracle Shampoo restores vitality to follicles, making hair feel soft, lush and clean again. Follow the Miracle Shampoo with TRUSS Deluxe Prime—a powerhouse restorative spray that controls frizz, promotes shine and protects hair from the damaging effects of heat. Finally, finish the restoration process with a unique hair mask unlike anything else on the market. The TRUSS Net Mask, is their newest creation designed to create “smart” hair repair. It adheres to the more porous areas of the hair, aiding with hydration, reconstruction and nourishment—no matter the hair type!


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