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Last updated: April 21, 2020

How This New Nonprofit Is Helping Stylists During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Support Creatives, A New Nonprofit, Gives Artists Opportunities For Growth During The Coronavirus

With thousands of hairdressers in the unimaginable position of no work, no clients and no foreseeable way out to pay their bills, Support Creatives—a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by industry pros and husband and wife duo Michael Dueñas (@michaelduenas) and Melody O’Flaherty (@melodyoflaherty)—wants to help support struggling members of the beauty community by providing them with access to financial assistance, mentorship programs and opportunities for educational advancement.


“As a freelance hairdresser, I understand how difficult it is to pay your bills and grow your craft, especially during moments of crisis,” shares Michael. “In an uncertain market, I want to provide the means and stability for every artist to achieve their dreams.”


Support Creatives’ programs include:

  • Emergency Beauty Support Program: Financial assistance for artists who are struggling to pay their bills, purchase supplies or put food on the table.


  • Mentorship Program: Guidance for artists, whether they are just starting out or are simply in need of career mentorship. All mentors are established hairdressers in the industry.


  • Education Program: Live online courses taught by industry professionals. Courses cover fundamental topics as well as the latest industry trends.


  • Tool and Product Support Program: Working with tool and product partners, Support Creatives provides the missing pieces for artist toolkits.


While its inception comes in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Support Creatives is not just a quick fix. Rather, it is designed to support artists during the entirety of their careers whether that be during moments of crisis or personal growth. The nonprofit aims to provide assistance and stability for beauty industry pros, no matter the situation.


Working alongside Michael and Melody is Support Creatives Chief Friend-Raiser Carlos Morales. In this newly created role, Carlos will help champion Support Creatives positioning and increase its presence and appeal to the Creative Community. His passion and ease for relationship building will help in raising funds (and friends) for artists in the beauty space who have been negatively affected by COVID-19 as well as other difficult circumstances.


“I have made lifelong friendships with the most amazing artists and savvy business owners over the last 25 years,” shares Carlos. “Being the Chief Friend-Raiser to me is two fold: I get to help some of my friends get back on their feet, and I get to make new ones along the way. I get to help create a network of giving! How rad is that? I’m honored that Support Creatives chose me for this role.”


It is Support Creatives’ goal to fill the gap in the world of charities by providing artists in the industry with the proper support system they require. Now and in the future, Support Creatives will be ready to support artists and help them create the careers they deserve.


“Brands, artists, press—you can’t really have one without the others,” says Melody. “When one group takes a hit, the others feel it. This is a community, and we all have to support one another for collective success.”


To inquire more about the programs offered or to join in the fight for artists, please visit