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Last updated: January 23, 2018

How-To: Wild, Punk-Rock Braid

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For more than 14 years, best friends Betsy Reyes and Elisa Tallerico helped build the beauty team at MTV, styling some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names before they appeared on air. Betsy is a hair guru and Elisa is a master makeup artist. Eventually, Betsy and Elisa were leading the entire hair and makeup department at the network. Now, they’ve decided to start their own beauty company, BetsyElisa, Inc., to “bring the red carpet experience to the everyday woman.” BTC stopped by the duo’s Beauty Bar launch party—aptly timed during New York Fashion Week—and we were thoroughly impressed by what we saw! Here’s one of our favorite looks—perfect for a day on the town or an evening out.

Manufacturer: BetsyElisa Inc

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    Divide hair into three sections—two on the side and one on top. The top section should be as wide as the top of head and should make a v shape from the back of the ears to the occipital bone. 

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    Section and French braid each side tight to the head. If the hair is short, pin the ends at the nape. For longer hair, continue with a disconnected braid.

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    Once the two braids are set, spray and tease the root of the top section, and use your fingers to gently smooth hair, keeping the height and texture.

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     For short hair, crisscross the hair to form a tight, but messy, French twist. For longer hair, you can do the same, but the result will be a bulkier look with a different profile.

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    You can also make a ponytail. Simply pin the top section to keep the height and texture—facing the pin opening toward the scalp. Then make a pony, and place each braid on top of the pony, letting them fall. Secure with pins.