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Last updated: September 27, 2018

Refining Natural Texture

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Refining Natural Texture

When a client with natural texture wants to embrace her curl, use this technique from Hot Tools Professional. Want the secrets for a strong end result? It’s all about using the correct-sized curling iron, following the natural curl pattern and expanding curls at the end—keep reading to see what we mean!


But First, Some Curly-Hair Tips!

  • Use a heat protectant spray and the lowest heat setting necessary to keep the hair healthy.
  • Slide your fingers into the base and lift without disturbing the ends to create added volume.
  • Use a shine spray to keep the hair soft and glossy.
  • Recommend a satin pillow case to make the curls last longer.
Manufacturer: Hot Tools, @hottoolspro

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    Divide the hair at the nape and clip the rest away. Start curling this section using the 3/8” 24k Gold Spring Marcel Curling Iron and following the natural curl pattern of the hair.


    Note: Some stylists prefer to wrap the hair around the barrel with the flipper open for tighter control. Others wrap the hair around the barrel with the flipper closed. Either way is correct.

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    Once the bottom section is complete, divide a horizontal section above the ears all the way around the head. Then pick up random pieces and curl in the natural growth pattern.

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    Continue curling around the entire head and section. Remember that the result will look more natural if the partings fall within the natural growth pattern instead of combing out precise sections.

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    When you get to the top section do not part the hair. Instead, continue picking up random pieces and curl them in the natural way they fall.


    Remember when working with the top section that it is important to curl as close to the scalp as possible to maintain less frizz.

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    Finish curling the entire head.

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    Once all curls are complete, hold the tip of each curl and spread at the base to create volume.

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    The wider you spread the curls the bigger the hair will be.

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    Finished look.


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    Bonus Look!


    Hairloc Clip-In extensions that were colored with Matrix Colorgraphics Lacquers were added to give the look a little pop of fashion colors.

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