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Last updated: January 08, 2018

How-To: Perfectly Undone Braid

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How-To: Perfectly Undone Braid

Last week concluded BTC’s first-ever “On Tour” at the Chicago Theatre—a monster day of education from some of the industry’s best and brightest celeb stylists! One of those hair artists presenting? BTC Bridal Expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff, who nailed it with five new airy and romantic updos.


One of our personal faves was this AMAZING ethereal goddess style. A gorgeous blend of classic and boho, this look is perfect for your fine-haired clients in need of a little volume magic. The fluffier the better, right?! And the best part—this look seems super complicated, but it’s totally not. Here’s how you can get this wispy, feminine masterpiece in your salon!



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    Section the top of the hair by the crown and pin, then section face-framing, vertical sections for later use.

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    To anchor this style, take two-inch vertical sections from either side of the head from behind the ears, and secure below the crown with an elastic. Then take two more two-inch vertical sections from either side of the head and twist, joining both sections together at the back of the head with an elastic.

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     Pull the small ponytail under the elastic forward and over the elastic, pulling the remaining hair down to blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair for future styling. Liberally pancake the twists to cover the elastic.

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    Continue this technique, working down to just above the shoulder blades. Pancake through the braid, making sure it goes from full at the crown to a smaller point between the shoulder blades.
    Pro Tip: To create a looser, fuller look, take a medium-sized twist and join to the opposite side with a smaller twist and secure with an elastic before pancaking as you work down the head.

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    Backcomb the remaining hair, starting at the bottom of the ponytail, to create a shape that’s wide to skinny to wide again. Spray texturizing spray through the ends to give fullness and eliminate frizz.

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    Secure with bobby pins, placing the pins straight up into the twists.
    Pro Tip: There’s definitely a difference between good frizz and bad frizz—to clean up the bottom, backcombed portion, comb through the rough section for a more finished texture.

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    Unclip the section at the crown as well as the pinned sections at the hairline. Considering the shape of the hair, you can twist, braid or knot the side sections depending on the desired shape. Pin these twists and/or braids back at the crown.

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    To secure the style and give it texture, use spray wax . Use bobby pins to loosely secure the fringe area, which creates the face-framing shape that will best suit your bride. 

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    Move back to the crown where your side sections have joined. Unpin your remaining section and scrunch the hair up toward the crown, inserting bobby pins to secure.
    Pro Tip: Detail the look with subtle decoration—like baby’s-breath!

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