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Last updated: February 20, 2018

Messy, Beachy Fishtail Braid

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Braids never go out of style—the key is to find fresh, new ideas for making classic braids more interesting. One trend that has found its way from the catwalk to the salon is the concept of the messy braid. It’s chic and offers a certain “cool girl” vibe—best of all it can be worn in any fashion, from a day at Bonnaroo to a day in the office. Here’s how to create a messy fishtail braid using products from Brazilian Blowout’s styling line for a look that’s Boho chic.


  • 1

    Concentrating on the midlengths and ends, spray wet hair with Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift to give hair a hint of hold. Dry the hair, creating a beach wave texture. This texture will give you the best foundation for the braid.

  • 2

    Give roots some piecey volume and texture with Brazilian Blowout’s Instant Body Boost Powder. Add a dime-sized amount of this talc-free formula through the top layers of the hair, focusing on the crown. Comb fingers through the hair, pulling them through the midlengths to give hair a gritty feel. This will help the braid stay in place.

  • 3

    Use a clear elastic to help “cheat” the braid and put hair into a side ponytail. Separate into two sections after the side ponytail has been secured. 

  • 4

    Beginning with the left section, pull a piece from underneath and cross it over the right section so it becomes part of the right section. Repeat the same process on the right side, pulling a piece of hair from underneath and crossing it over the left section of hair. Continue this all the way down the braid and secure at the end with another clear elastic.  

  • 5

    Once the braid is finished, carefully pull the top clear elastic out. Finish by pulling the braid apart piece-by-piece. Pull out extra pieces around the face to help create the messy look.

  • 6

    For added shine, give the final look a spritz of Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Shine & Shield Spray Shine to complete the look and adding protection from UVA/UVB rays.