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Last updated: August 29, 2011

Long Layered Overcut from TONIandGUY

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Long Layered Overcut from TONIandGUY

Mayra Rodriguez, TONI&GUY Regional Art Director in Dallas TX, utilizes a non-traditional sectioning pattern with traditional layering to create this overcut for Hollie’s look from the Reflective Collection. The combination of the overcut and slicing techniques to blend give a high degree of movement and volume while maintaining length.

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    Hollie prior to cut.

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    Take a diagonal back hairline section through to the top of the ear and a teardrop section at the round of the head through to the top of the occipital. Secure the hair underneath out of the way.
    At the front, isolate the fringe area and take a central vertical section; comb to 90° and cut rounding with the head shape.
    Continue through the fringe area with vertical sections, overdirect each section into the previous section and cut to follow the guide, creating a rounded fringe.

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    Comb the perimeter to natural fall, elevate to 45° and slice from the underneath creating a shattered line.

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    At the crown take a horizontal section, comb to 90° off the round of the head and slice a short to long guideline. Aim for the shortest point to fall at mid ear.
    Behind the crown, maintain horizontal sections, overdirect forward to the previous section cutting to follow the guide from short to long.

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    Continue with horizontal sections working forward; comb to 90° off the round of the head and slice from short to long following the guide.

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    Overdirect the last horizontal section back to the previous one to maintain weight and continue following the guide.
    Repeat this layering pattern on the opposite side

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    Release the hair from the underneath and blow dry.

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    Personalize the shape with deep point cutting and slicing creating a loose blend into the lengths.

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    Finished Look.