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Last updated: June 23, 2017

Flame Red from John Paul Mitchell Systems

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Flame Red from John Paul Mitchell Systems

Going red is a bold move, because the wrong shade will do no favors for your client’s skin tone! Here, Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty assessed her client’s peaches and cream complexion and determined that a combination of three red shades—copper, red and red/orange—would be the most flattering. “Shifting the levels and tones allows them to play beautifully off each other to create dimension and still maintain the shimmering flavor of red,” says Lucie. “It’s like a flickering flame!”


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    Color Formulas
    Formula A: Paul Mitchell Shine XG 30 ml/1 oz. 8C (8/34) + 45 ml/1.5 oz,. 5-volume XG Processing Cream
    Formula B: Paul Mitchell Shines XG 30 ml/1 oz. 6R (6/4) + 45 ml/1.5 oz. 5-volume XG Processing Cream
    Formula C: Paul Mitchell Shines XG 30 ml/1 oz. 7RO (7/43) + 45 ml/1.5 oz. 5-volume XG Processing Cream

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    Begin by creating four triangle-shaped sections. Start by sectioning from the front recession areas and moving diagonally back to the high point of the head; then section from the high point diagonally down the back, ending behind the ear.

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    Create a “pinwheel” shape on the top by using the points of the triangles as the starting points and sectioning diagonally toward the parting line. Create four pinwheels, clipping each out of the way as you go. Start at the back of the head and apply Formula C from scalp to ends. Apply Formula C to all hair not secured in clips, omitting the front section. On the back pinwheel, create two sections by parting the hair lengthwise in the section.

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    On the bottom half, apply Formula A and overlay with foil. On the top half, apply Formula B and overlay with foil. Moving clockwise to the next pinwheel, part into two sections. Apply Formula A to the bottom section, then apply Formula B to the top section. Overlay with foil.

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    Moving to the front, part the pinwheel into two sections. Begin applying Formula B to the top section first, overlay with foil, then apply Formula A to the bottom section. Overlay with foil. Apply Formula C to the remaining hair in the front section. Process for 25 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and shampoo and condition with Paul Mitchell Color Protect Post Color Shampoo and Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Conditioner or Paul Mitchell Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment, if needed.

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    Who did it
    Haircolor: Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell Editorial Director
    Haircut: Angus Mitchell, Co-Owner, John Paul Mitchell Systems
    Photography: Takashi Kitamura, John Paul Mitchell Systems Global Director of Film and Motion
    Makeup: Jenna Anton