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Last updated: May 09, 2018

The Bridal Braid from HUW Pro

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Dazzle your bridal client with this pull-out-all-the-stops braid, created with HUWPRO Clip-Ins in just eight, simple steps!

Manufacturer: HairUWear Pro


  • 1

    Blow-dry and curl your client’s hair with a 1¼-inch curling iron.

  • 2

    Curl the HUW PRO Clip-ins with the same curling iron. This look is created with 18-inch HAIRUWEAR PRO Human Hair Clip-ins stacked about a ½-inch apart.

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    Place three rows of clip-ins below the occipital:


    • 1st Row – starting in the lower nape, place one #84 HUW PRO Clip-in.
    • 2nd Row – place one color #84 clip-in.
    • 3rd Row – place two color #27 clip-ins, side by side.
    • 4th Row – place two color #84 clip-ins, side by side.
  • 4

    Create a horizontal circular parting about 1½ inches above the ear around to the occipital ridge. Then proceed as follows:


    • 5th Row – place four color #27 clip-ins side by side around the head.
    • 6th Row – right above row 5, place four clip-ins side by side in the following pattern: color #27, color #84, color #84 and color #27. Make sure there is enough hair in the crown to conceal the clip-in bases. On both sides, place clip-ins, making sure there is enough hair to conceal the clip-in bases on the side and top perimeters.
    • 7th Row- place one #84 clip-in on each side of head.
    • 8th Row – place one #27 clip-in on each side of head.
  • 5

    Move to the crown and separate the middle of the crown into three small pieces.

  • 6

    Loosely braid each piece, right over left and left over right, stopping at each plait to pin each strand into the middle of the braid. As you proceed, take a strand from the outside perimeter of the hair, drape it to the middle, cross it in and pin.

  • 7

    Lock each bobby pin by hooking the hair upward with the pin, then down and inside the braid, criss-crossing each pin in an X pattern.

  • 8

    Follow this pattern until you run out of hair. Pin the ends or secure with a ponytail holder.

  • Take Care!


    Follow these tips to keep extensions looking and feeling luscious long after the first application!


    • Only shampoo as needed—kind of like a great pair of jeans!
    • Before shampooing, gently remove all tangles.
    • Always use a mild, professional-grade shampoo—ideally one formulated for chemically-treated hair.
    • Do not immerse! Simply hold the weft under a stream of warm water. Then place a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, work it in and stroke downward. Never twist, scrub or rub the hair!
    • Use professional conditioning products only.
    • While extensions are wet, gently remove tangles with a wide-tooth comb.
    • Hang to air dry, then set the wefts in rollers or use a blow dryer on a low setting, and avoid directing heat onto the weft area.
    • Set thermal tools no higher than 350 degrees.
    • Never bleach HUW PRO Clip-in Extensions. Permanent color is also not recommended as it can lead to reduced dimension.
    • Work color through each strand thoroughly; after applying color, suspend the HUW PRO Clip-in weft.
    • Always perform a strand test.


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