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May 8, 2012

1970s Multi-Layered, Mid-Length Cut


1970s Multi-Layered, Mid-Length Cut

Here comes the sun! Dario Controneo of DCI Education designed this multi-layered, mid-length cut to have a strong 1970s vibe. The side-swept fringe and natural styling creates the ideal base for a melted balayage technique using sunny gold-toned color.


  • 1

    1 x ‘W’ Fringe Section

  • 2

    2 x Top Sections (either side of the ‘W’ Fringe)

  • 3

    2 x Front Sections (1 each side)
    2 x Above Ear Sections (1 each side)

  • 4

    2 x Behind Ear Sections (1 each side)
    1 x Back Section

  • 5

    Top Reference

  • 6

    Take ‘W’ Fringe Section straight up and cut on a curve. After desired length, cut then deep point cut to remove weight.

  • 7

    Cut Top Sections together over Fringe Section on a curve. These sections are disconnected 2-3 cm. longer than the Fringe Section.

  • 8

    Cut Back Section by taking a horizontal section of hair straight up and cutting above the crown.

  • 9

    Take the two Behind the Ear Sections and cut together over the Back Section at a disconnect 2-3 cm. longer than the Back Section.

  • 10

    Comb the Above the Ear sections together up and over crown and cut on a curve, disconnected 2-3 cm. longer than the previous section.

  • 11

    Over-direct Front Sections and cut together (over Fringe Section) on a curve. Again, this is cut disconnected shorter than previous section by 2-3 cm. (project hair halfway between Side and Fringe Sections).

  • 12
  • 13