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Last updated: September 01, 2020

Micro Braid Accents

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When you’re in the presence of Fashion Week icons, like creative genius Eugene Souleiman (@eugenesouleiman), watching them work is like bringing art to life. Something as simple as a pony or bun can capture an emotion and define a collection, like Eugene’s new take on minimalism and texture for Dion Lee SS19—gritty texture and micro braids that subtly blend into the look. We were backstage to bring you the inspo, how-to steps and products below!


The Inspiration: Strong & Intentional Texture
The hair is, “not masculine, just tougher,” shares Eugene. “The intention is stronger. More assertive, slightly aggressive. It’s not a ‘pretty’ ponytail—there’s nothing dainty about this look.” The look is more motivated by texture than time. “There’s no era. It’s timeless. I wanted it to feel like something quite new and lateral but not weird or avant-garde in any way. There’s something there that shouldn’t be there, but it actually works,” Eugene added.

Products Used



Prep the hair by applying Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion to create a naturally-smooth effect.


Section the hair and establish the placement of each micro braid, then apply Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz for a gritty, matte texture to prep for braiding.

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Then, start creating on-scalp micro braids, leaving large sections between each braid out. Using a ghd®️ Curve Creative Wand, add wavy texture to these sections between to add movement and contrast.


Using a ghd®️ Platinum+ Styler, work the iron to create rigidity in the hair texture for a tougher, more-detailed look. Where body is needed, use your fingers to rake back the hair and secure by applying heat using the ghd Air®️ Hairdryer.

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Then, secure at the nape in a ponytail or bun and pin.

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Finished Look

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