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Last updated: November 05, 2020

Chocolate Mahogany Pixie

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  • Formula A

    30g 7/7 Wella Color Touch Demi Permanent + 5g 6/35 Wella Color Touch Demi Permanent + 70g 13 volume Developer

Instagram via @brianacisneros

Known for creating stunning looks on both her clients AND herself, Wella Hair Global Ambassador Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) has done it again! This time she created a rich brown with hints of metallic mahogany. Scroll through for the formulas, pricing and other juicy deets.


Who is the ideal client for this technique?

Going darker is not for the faint of heart. It’s important to explain to your client the level of commitment this look requires. “I definitely would not recommend this color to someone who is wanting to go straight back to blonde after coloring their hair darker. There will absolutely be a lot of warmth to get out and damage might become an issue as well,” says Briana. 


How long does this technique take and how long does it last?

This technique took Briana 10 minutes to apply and 20 minutes to process. Depending on whether a pre-pigment is applied, this technique at a minimum lasts four weeks. “If I didn’t want to see as much fading I would have pre-pigmented, but I’m okay with the ends lightening slightly,” Briana explains. “I expect to get about four weeks in before refreshing the color the first time. After I build up the pigment with a few applications, it will be super low-maintenance!” 



What is the maintenance required for this look?

The beauty of this look is that the maintenance is super minimal. For at home care, Briana recommends using cool water and Wella Brilliance Shampoo and Wella Brilliance Conditioner to aid in longevity. The maintenance in the salon will also be minimal. The key is in the formulation. “Since it so close to my natural hair color the maintenance will be minimal, but it’s really just a quick demi-permanent from roots to ends!” says Briana. 


What is the pricing for this technique?

Briana did this all in one go, but in the salon a pre-pigment service may be required. “That usually can cost about the price of two color applications,” says Briana.


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Who Did It

Products Used


  • Formula A

    30g 7/7 Wella Color Touch Demi Permanent + 5g 6/35 Wella Color Touch Demi Permanent + 70g 13 volume Developer


1. Apply Formula A to the ends of the hair and work it upwards through the mids, leaving the root area untouched.


2. Process for about 20 mins. Rinse and condition.


PRO TIP: Why pre-pigment? It helps with longevity and tone correction. Sometimes darker colors can grab muddy or green on porous platinum hair. “I had a soft pale pink on the ends of my Level 10 blonde before applying this formula. I wanted somewhat of a smoky mahogany tone. I knew I would need more warmth in my formula to over compensate for the missing underlying pigment. The tones represented in the formula are a toasty warm brown with some gold and a slight bit of red violet”, says Briana.


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