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October 16, 2014

Traditional Rebels from Goldwell


Traditional Rebels from Goldwell

Start with something that inspires you, preserve the essence, mix in some cultural references and then reconstruct it to create something completely new. That’s the concept behind the 2015 Color Zoom Collection, Traditional Rebels. Goldwell’s Global Color Zoom Creative Team created a rebelliously fresh collection, taking the concept of making disharmony harmonic, stunning color combinations and tribal inspirations push hairstyling to new dimensions. Paired with a confident attitude, the Traditional Rebels Collection showcases an unexpected grace, defining elegance in a completely new way.

Reconstructed colors give the looks a completely new twist. The color palette is extremely wide, giving the opportunity to combine contrasting shades from warm to cool, light to dark, shiny to matte. Heavily pigmented and deeply saturated. These reconstructed shades create an understated, individual elegance

The cuts in the collection are more rounded, but hide angular elements to create a subtle, harmonic effect. Interior layers are integrated to create movement and a new raw edge in each style. The styling shows a raw texture often combined with curls and waves to finish up the looks.

Who did it
Hair: Global Color Zoom Creative Team
Makeup: Stephanie Kunz
Stying: Ingo Nahrwold
Photography: Markus Jans

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