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June 20, 2008

Pivot Point International Ecomania Collection


Pivot Point International Ecomania Collection

A tale of two moods.  In Pivot Point International’s newest DF collection, Ecomania, we experience opposite ends of the spectrum – “ecoist” and “maniac.”

The first theme, Ecoist, looks to nature for inspiration in the face of the world’s increasing awareness of global warming.  Maniac, the second theme, turns to social awareness along with a need to enjoy life.  It seems only natural to reflect on earlier days, with a free spirit and a sense of happiness.

The Ecoist Mood
• The look is clean and fresh
• “Eco” feel and look is modernized, not from the ‘90s
• Shapes are graphic and symmetrical, influenced by nature
• Style follows evolutionary path shown in origin of species
• Structures powerfully created by nature’s strange beauty give shape to softly tailored formations

The Maniac Mood
• World of kaleidoscope color, mind-bending textures, mesmerizing patterns and riotous decoration for awesome, psychedelic knits
• Glorious decadence leads to a hallucinatory festival revival
• Hashed together ‘70s styles create psychedelic folk, mystical Eastern and glam-rock mishmash
• Spirited rebellion and charming naivety inspire this high summer season of festival glam

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