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Anthony Mascolo




International Creative Director

Anthony Mascolo is revered for his hairdressing excellence and has rightly earned the position of an icon to generations of hairdressers. Constantly pushing boundaries and striving to elevate his conceptual ideas to an ever-higher level, he is a key influence to his own TIGI International Creative Team as well as the wider world of hairdressing.


Award-winning hairdresser & Influencer

Winning countless awards during his career, including 3 times British Hairdresser of the Year, has driven Anthony Mascolo to attain ever-higher goals, constantly pushing his personal creativity. Through his own success, Anthony’s desire to share knowledge and inspire others has helped many hairdressers achieve their own personal accolades.


You have to learn the rules to break them

Anthony’s ethos is founded on an unchanging belief in the development of new concepts and sharing new ideas with his peers. This strong viewpoint keeps his work fresh and encourages him to elevate everything he does. In both his hairdressing and his photography Anthony pushes the boundaries, often breaking rules to take his work in a different direction. This does not ignore or discount technical expertise. As Anthony has been heard to say on many occasions, “You have to learn the rules to break them.” After so many years, you may think that Anthony would prefer to opt for an easy life, but he still takes pleasure in appearing on stage, promoting TIGI’s latest ideas and products and is always happy to meet and greet guests at events.


Constant invention and re-invention is his key

Anthony’s attitude, his thought processes and his artistic vision, continuously surprise and amaze. His unique creative approach is instrumental in the inventive work of TIGI. Anthony never accepts the impossible and applies this attitude to his couture hairdressing, his photographic imagery, TIGI shows and the development of new TIGI products. To work with him challenges and stimulates the mind and leads to the creation of pioneering work. As well as his base at Bed Head Studio in London, Anthony has created his personal creative area; Mascolo Space where he has archives of his work and where he has a team of creatives working with him on projects.


A family man and team-player

Throughout his career, Anthony has always been part of a team. With his strong family values, he nurtures, grows and encourages those working with him, allowing them to elevate their own skills. The result is a team with a strong bond, loyalty and shared vision.

Working with his brothers, his wife and now his son, Joshua, has given the TIGI International Creative Team an “extended” family culture and rare

closeness. It is this culture of friendship, care and open-ness that Anthony extends to other hairdressers who attend TIGI courses, shows and seminars.

Throughout much of his career Anthony has worked together with his wife, Pat Mascolo. A highly respected makeup-artist, Pat works with Anthony on all his creative projects and major TIGI global shows and events. Over the last 2 years, Joshua Mascolo has joined his parents at TIGI Global events and it is clear he has inherited the family talent!


Identifying and nurturing tomorrow’s hairdressing talent

Anthony believes strongly in providing training and experiences to help develop the hairdressing stars of tomorrow. As a young hairdresser, Anthony was given huge support from his family, enabling him to push his creativity and his skills to the highest level. He often cites the opportunity and support given to him by his brothers. This has influenced him to create opportunities for the future stars of hairdressing and was the reason Anthony launched TIGI Inspirational Youth, 12 years ago. A highly respected training programme for young hairdressers, TIGI Inspirational Youth now has a global position.