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Last updated: January 11, 2021

Zipper Braid: What It Is & How To Do It

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Video How-To: Zipper Braid Tutorial

Can you ever have enough braiding tutorials? Whether you’re looking for a new technique or you just love to watch them, MIZANI Artist and BTC Team Member Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards) did not disappoint with his Zipper Braid technique. Keep scrolling to get the how-to steps and check out the finished look!



Watch Jamal Demonstrate His Zipper Braid Technique Here!

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Zipper Braid How-To Steps

1. Start by sectioning off where you want your braid to go, then section off three pieces of hair like for a normal braid. 


2. The main difference between the zipper braid and a normal braid is that only one side is moving during the entire braiding process. Jamal says to think of it like this, “You only move one part over and under, in or out or up and down. Pay close attention.”


3. As you weave the moving section over or under the stationary sections, attach it to the rest of the braid by picking up hair from the outside and feed it into the mobile piece of hair.


4. Continue this step until the braid is complete.


Note: Jamal used the MIZANI Lived-In Sculpting Paste to create this look. He says it’s, “great for adding grit when braiding and twisting dry hair.” Plus, it can be used as an edge control.



Here’s The Finished Look!


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