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Last updated: May 09, 2018

WATCH: Men’s Low Fade + Texture

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Male clients can be your most loyal and frequent customers—as long as you deliver a detailed cut and custom experience. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop Technical Director Patrick Butler and National Educator Megan Duran went live on BTC’s Facebook to teach our members how to create a texturized low fade men’s haircut, dishing out tips and techniques to start using behind the chair.



Watch the full video below but first check out these three MAJOR men’s tips:


1. Texturizing At The Recession With A Razor (34:41)

  • To create texture at the recession, use a feather razor as your tool because it has a standardized set of teeth for a guard.
  • Take the front hairline out and start with the section directly behind it.
  • Take the hair in finger-wide sections, parallel to the parting and start mid-strand to work your way through to the ends.
  • Keep a slight angle to the razor, so you’re able to glide through the hair. This builds support pieces and breaks the hair up for a disheveled, broken top.


2. Feather Razor-Over-Comb Technique (38:01)

  • Use a feather razor to take out weight in the parietal ridge.
  • Lift the comb from underneath to work your way up and it will grab the hair so it’s suspended in the air, then work the razor across the comb.
  • The comb creates tension that allows you to hold the hair in place, so the blade can glide across to blend and remove built-up weight.
  • Focus on the ends and don’t let the razor close to the scalp.


3. Blending The Beard (41:20)

  • It’s important to blend the side hairline into the beard. Take the comb vertically and work the comb (without a guard) over it, bringing the hair out slightly and working on tapering it in for a clean transition and a detailed, polished look.


Watch the full video below!


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