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Last updated: June 13, 2018

WATCH: Figure 8 Braid

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Three-strand braids are so yesterday. These days, it’s all about edgy, intricate braids that clients won’t be able to recreate at home. While attending International Salon & Spa Expo, we snagged this braiding quickie from amika Artist Aoife Marie (@aoifemariebeauty), plus a few key tips from Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond that’ll up your braiding game. Check it out below!



Naeemah’s Top Braiding Tips:

  • Use a bungee to secure the base of the pony. Don’t have one? All you need to make one is a thin ponytail holder and two bobby pins!


  • “You want her head all the way tilted back as you put the ponytail holder in, so that when she puts her head back up, there’s no sag,” shares Naeemah.


  • To Naeemah, braiding boils down to two things: the dexterity in your fingers and repetition.


  • For better results, Naeemah recommends braiding with your palm up facing you when creating four-strand braids.


  • To create more fullness, move your fingers in a snapping motion and gently pull the braid apart.


Watch the full video below!




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