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Last updated: March 25, 2021

Want Perfect Braids? Start Using These Tips ASAP!

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3 Tips To Help You Create Perfect Braids

If there is one thing we know for sure, braids are back! (Did they ever REALLY leave?) And we are here for all of the braiding tips and tricks you guys have been sharing on Instagram. After we watched stylist Viola Pyak‘s braiding video 1,000 times (you can too on her instagram @viola_pyak) we slid in her DMs to get her top three tips for achieving perfect braids and of course, we’re sharing ’em. Scroll down for Viola’s tips and check out her awesome video below.




Braid Tip #1: Proper Prep

Viola suggests prepping clean hair with a smoothing serum or spray before starting any braid. This will control any frizz or flyaways and allows for clean strands when braiding. 


braids, blonde hair, ponytail
Instagram via @viola_pyak


Braid Tip #2: Smooth and Straight 

Use a flat iron to get the hair straight and smooth before starting a braid. This will take care of frizz and give strands some added shine. 


braids, blonde, ponytail
Instagram via @viola_pyak



Braid Tip #3: Use Product While Braiding

When separating strands to create a braid, Viola suggests smoothing the strands with a hair oil or mousse to maintain smoothness and keep sections elastic and workable. Then, finish the braid off with a finishing spray to keep the braid in place. 


Check out Viola’s Instagram For More Braid Inspo!

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