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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Suite/Booth Renters: How To Make Money While In Quarantine

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Suite/Booth Renters: 5 Moneymaking Ideas To Try Next

With the federal government extending social distancing measures until April 30, it looks like many of us will be staying at home for while—and we know you are worried about maintaining a stream of income. We talked to Sola Salon Studios Culture Ambassador Kim Bennett (@kimi_kisses), a Sola salon owner for 16 years, about how she’s keeping cash coming in while her Denver studio is closed.



1. Sell gift cards—but be smart.

The top way Kim is continuing to make money while not behind the chair is through the sale of gift cards, a new feature on the SolaGenius app. It’s very easy for her guests to purchase gift cards on the app (the same app they already use to book appointments, so they’re used to its features). Here’s how Kim did it:


  • Using the SolaGenius app, she sent a mass text to her clients announcing that gift cards are available for purchase.


  • If you can, put the money from gift card sales into another account so you aren’t totally depending on them right now.


There has been some controversy about gift card sales, with some arguing that you’re just prolonging the problem and will need cash later when everyone uses their cards. If you do need the money from gift card sales immediately, you may want to talk to clients that purchased a high-value card about spreading out her appointments so you aren’t hurting for money in a post-social distancing salon rush.


2. Examine business reports and use them to your advantage.

The SolaGenius app houses all of Kim’s inventory and expense reports, so she used it to find out some important info and how to target those guests specifically:


  • Top 10 to 20 guests by overall ticket: Reach out with a “VIP” communication and offer a few promotions specifically for them.


  • Guests with the highest frequency of visits: Sell root cover-up products or temporary touch-up solutions accompanied with an online tutorial on how to use them.


  • Top 10 to 20 guests by retail purchases: Offer curbside retail sales or a new retail bundle that you customize for them with products they haven’t tried.


Note: Kim also offers retail drop offs to her clients where she’ll take orders weekly and then she’ll pick two days each week to deliver products.




3. Create a calendar of education, then tie it to weekly promotions.

Kim realized that there are probably a lot of dads at home who aren’t used to doing their daughters’ hair, so she’s hosting an online tutorial on how to braid little girls’ hair into a top knot, then offering 20 percent off the products she used for the tutorial. Thinking creatively like this opens a lot of opportunity for you, like:


  • Creating beautiful hair (on yourself or your family).
  • Maintaining a connection with your clients.
  • Generating income with smart product promotions.


4. Organize a heartwarming contest.

No question—the real heroes right now are health care workers and first responders. An anonymous donor paid for a large gift card and asked Kim to use it on a first responder when this crisis has passed. Kim turned that into a smart promotion, asking clients to submit a first responder or health care worker whom they love and care about and why they should be the winner of the gift card. This allows her to not only connect with her clients on an important and timely level, but also share with her clients all the incredible stories she is hearing—and we all really need to hear these positive messages right now!


5. Tie prebookings to a giveaway.

You’re already encouraging clients to prebook, but Kim takes it one step further. Each week she enters clients who prebook into a drawing to win a new tool. Because she is doing this weekly, she is able to show a winner quickly and can even drop the tool on the winner’s doorstep—who likely posts about it on social media, continuing the promotion for Kim’s suite.


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