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Last updated: October 26, 2017

Raspberry Lush Crush

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  • Formula A

    L'Oréal Professionel Infinie Platine 40-volume developer 

  • Formula B

    1 part PRAVANA VIVIDS Wild Orchid + ¼ part PRAVANA VIVIDS violet (the violet is to deepen the color to not get hot roots)

  • Formula C

    2 Tubes PRAVANA VIVIDS Wild Orchid 

  • Formula D

    1½ oz. PRAVANA VIVIDS Orange

  • Formula E

    1½ oz. PRAVANA VIVIDS Red

  • Formula F

    1½ oz. PRAVANA VIVIDS Magenta

Bright shades are all the rage, from subtle pastels to vibrant pops of bold colors. Elizabeth Nuttall’s client Heather is no stranger to the bold color movement, having changed her locks various shades of violet within the last year. “Every time we do her hair we tweak the color a little,” notes Elizabeth. Before, Heather’s color was a wild orchid/violet melted into wild orchid and a little magenta. But having tired or variations of purple, Heather wanted to add more pink/red into the mix without having to lift out her previous color. The result? A stunning plum raspberry that melts into a strawberry pink, creating a multidimensional color effect. “To achieve this color combination, I add warm colors to her ends,” shares Elizabeth. Here’s Elizabeth’s custom creation!



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Hair density: super thick and long
Natural starting level: 4



1. Prelighten the roots with Formula A and allow the color to process for 10 minutes under the dryer, or until the roots turn a pale yellow. 


2. Rinse, shampoo and dry the hair completely. 


3. Apply Formula B to the roots, feathering the color down about an inch past the regrowth.


4. Apply Formula C starting where root color left off (blend the colors really well) and pull through to the midshafts. Next, apply Formulas D, E and F, alternating every ¼-inch section, starting with Formula C at the nape (C, D, E, D, C, E, F) working your way to the crown of the head. Next, apply same colors to the front sections, adding in Formula F. (Focusing the magenta around the face, especially in the fringe area.) Process the hair for 40 minutes.
Pro Tip: Always really saturate and blend the color so it comes out soft and blended.


5. After processing, rinse, deep condition the hair and style as desired.




*To keep the color from fading, have your client go a little longer between washes, and have her rinse with cool water and color protecting, sulfate-free shampoo. Also, whenever Elizabeth applies these vibrant colors, she sends her client home with a little bit of their custom mixed color to add to their conditioner. “That way every time they condition, they re-pigment their hair,” says Elizabeth.