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Last updated: March 03, 2021

Pearl Blonde Money Piece + Shadow Root Tutorial

Level 7 Pearl Blonde Money Piece & Color Melt Tutorial

PRAVANA Educator Mentor Meg Rowlett (@megbrowlett) demonstrates how to take blonde clients darker, without reaching brunette territory using the new ChromaSilk Pearl Series. Keep scrolling to grab her expert tips on how she saves time with a three foil money piece, her color melt technique for a flawless blend and why prepping the hair with a detox treatment will help you achieve a better color deposit.


Watch the full tutorial above, plus check out finished look and grab the formulas below!


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Remove Any Hard Water Buildup

Most people in the United States live in areas with some degree of hard water, so Meg recommends applying PRAVANA Purify & Revive PRIME before a color application to remove any toxins and buildup from the hair. Simply section the hair into subsections and lightly saturate for even coverage.


Make sure not to over saturate the hair, because you don’t want to interfere with the color application. The detoxifying spray’s lactic acid ingredient helps remove hard water buildup in three minutes, so you can quickly jump right into your color service.


Check Out The Finished Look!

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Creating A Bright Money Piece

The key to achieving the bright face frame for this look is a simple three foil money piece—two back to back weaves and a slice. Here’s how Meg does it:


  • First, take a thin weave at the hairline and place over a foil. Only paint the top portion of the weave and apply another foil on top to seal.


  • Repeat this step with the next weave, making sure to leave the leftover hair out toward the face. 


  • Finish the face frame off with a thin slice, leaving no hair out in between. Apply the lightener ½-inch from the scalp, then cover with a foil. 


Note: Meg emphasizes that your lightener application doesn’t need to be balayage perfect, so don’t worry about feathering out the lightener. When you tone the hair using PRAVANA’s ChromaSilk Pearl Series, the deposit-only formula will blend out the highlights during the color melt. 


Toning With A Color Melt

Meg used a simple color melt technique with two ChromaSilk Pearl Series shades to achieve a gorgeous pearl blonde. For the shadow root shade she used 7.8 Pearl and for the ends she used 9.8 pearl. The reason the level 8 hue was skipped in between, is because once the two shades are melted together they naturally form the missing level. Let the hair process for 30 minutes to fully deposit the color. 


Click The Beaker To Grab The Formulas!

open color formula
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  • Formula A

    PRAVANA PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™ + 30-volume developer

  • Formula B (Shadow Root)

    PRAVANA ChromaSilk Pearl Series 7.8 + 10-volume developer

  • Formula C (Ends)

    ChromaSilk Pearl Series 9.8 + 10-volume developer

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