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Last updated: May 29, 2018

WATCH: 4 Waving Techniques From Miss USA 2018

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Instagram via @missusa

WATCH: 4 Waving Techniques From Miss USA 2018

Waves are a style that can be created multiple ways and still produce similar end results. And this year at Miss USA, we saw the CHI artists pull out all of their newest waving tricks—like switching up their sectioning patterns and alternating their curling techniques in the crown and nape—for beautiful updated waves.


Keep scrolling to catch every wave we saw backstage before the show—from spiral sets to elevated roller sets.


Products Used


1. Anna Cantu’s Large-Sectioned Roller Set


Quick Tips From CHI Artist Anna Cantu:

  • For a big waves with a glam end result, use large sections. Anna used three sections in the crown, two on the sides and four at the nape.
  • Start at the midshaft, then roll the hair in using the DURA CHI Curling Iron and hold.
  • Next, tap the iron through and roll the iron to the ends, then release the iron and set curl. 
  • Now watch the technique!




2. Diagonal-Shaped Sections To Avoid Lines Of Demarcation


Quick Tips From CHI Artist Efrain Leiva:

  • Use the CHI Magnified Hairspray at the root, then spray through the midlengths and ends and comb it through for even distribution before curling. This creates a perfect set and shine. 
  • Use diagonal-shaped sections when waving to avoid harsh lines of demarcation after brushing the hair out. 
  • Now watch the technique!




3. Roller Set + Ocean Waves


Quick Tips From CHI Artist Julian Macias:

  • Use pie-shaped sections in the crown to create more movement when the curls fall.
  • Tease the root if working with a client who has fine hair—it creates volume at the root without disturbing the shape of the curl. 
  • For a fun end result with lots of movement, use multiple curling techniques. Julian created a roller set in the crown and spiral curls (for an ocean-wave effect) in the nape for a glam outcome with swing. 
  • Prep with CHI Silk Infusion to keep blonde hair protected and super shiny.
  • Now watch the technique!




4. Quickie Spiral Curl Technique


Quick Tips From CHI Artist Albert Luiz:

  • To create spiral curls, Albert suggests using the DURA CHI Curling Iron and prepping with the CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray.
  • Start by pinching the hair at the root. Then, twist the hair while wrapping it, using a wrist-and-watch technique. Watch at 2 minutes!
  • After releasing the curl, don’t set with a clip. Instead, let the spiral curl fall organically to create a beautiful, less intense spiral wave. 
  • Now watch the technique!




Peep the slideshow below for more from backstage and behind the scenes at Miss USA 2018!

Instagram via @missusa

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