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Last updated: December 19, 2017

Knotted Chignon + Accent Braid

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Want an upstyle that’s fit for a queen? Try this trending look CHI artist Albert Luiz created for us while backstage at Miss Universe! Albert shared this quick style on our Facebook Live, along with plenty of fast twisting and braiding tricks that you all loved. Watch the entire style below and check out some of his best takeaway tips!




Curling with a flat iron?
Remember this: The way the hair goes into the flat iron is the way it comes out. So, if the hair is smooth when it goes in, it will be smooth when it comes out. If you twist the hair before putting it through the iron, it’s going to come out twisted.


Try this: For this look, Albert kept the hair flat, twisting the iron instead and then gliding the hair all the way through to the ends to create the curl. Watch at 2:00 minutes for more detail.


Here, Albert used the new 1-inch CHI LAVA Volcanic Ceramic Hairstyling Iron—it can be used to curl, wave and smooth, and with its plates infused with volcanic lava, stylists are able to create long-lasting looks with tons of shine.


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Adding texture to the crown of a ponytail?
Remember this: Wrapping a ponytail with a regular elastic can make it more difficult to add texture to the crown.


Try this: Albert likes to use what he calls a “bridge pin” technique. Start by placing two bobby pins on opposite sides of a rubber band. Place one bobby pin in the hair on one side of the pony, then wrap the elastic over the top of the pony and place the other bobby pin into the hair on the other side. This will anchor the pony in place without being too tight, making it easier to pull hair out and add soft texture without ruining the pony. Skip to 7:50 for the details. 


Use Albert’s bridge pin technique to create bigger volume in your ponytails!


Twisting the hair for added texture and movement? Remember this…
Remember this: The darker the hair, the wider the twists. Because dark hair absorbs a lot of color, pull the hair more intensely to allow light to pass through and to create that visible texture. On blonde hair, there is so much light and movement going through the hair at all times that pinching and pulling just a little bit will create texture very easily.


Try this: Create two sections of similar size, then to create the twisted effect, twist the hair to the right while wrapping it to the left, then pinch and pull to create random texture. The opposing motion of twisting to the right and wrapping to the left locks the twist together.


When working on brunette hair, pull the twist apart more intensely to create a more textured effect.


Watch the entire style now!




Finished look.

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