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Last updated: October 30, 2017

How To Perform Color CPR

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Among the brand that Malissa tested on swatches were Wella Koleston Perfect and Clairol Classicall 5N and mixed with 20-volume cream developer. After coloring, Malibu C CPR Color Pigment Reducer was applied from midshafts to ends and processed for 15 minutes with heat. Then each swatch was shampooed three times with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Shampoo and dried.


By Heather Haemker


As a colorist, color correction services definitely put your skills to the test—they require depth of knowledge and experience, and they separate the best from the rest! Malissa Peterson, who specializes in color correction, reports that she recently discovered a new color correction tool that neutralizes every type of haircolor. Called CPR (Color Pigment Reducer) from Malibu C, Malissa claims she is now able to neutralize every brand of pigment, including box color, which represents a large portion of every color correction service!



Before embracing CPR, Malissa put the product to the test. She colored 20 swatches with various brands—all with generic developer and a 1:1 ratio—and then applied CPR to remove the pigment. In every case, she says, “Malibu C CPR was effective, even on the six box color brands that I tested.” Malissa was also pleased to discover that after using CPR, the overall quality of the hair improved. “When correcting box color, you’re also dealing with porosity issues,” she explains. “CPR helps, and as a result, it reduces the amount of chemical work that you have to do. The color lasts longer, the target shade is easier to achieve and the hair is in better condition.”