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Last updated: July 18, 2017

How-To: Long-Layer Texturizing

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So she’s told you time and time again, no, she does not want to lose the length, but summer’s coming, and something’s gotta go. Yep, it’s time to cut the weight. Say goodbye to thick, solid shapes and embrace the look and feel of texture and movement! But, like… texturizing takes time…


Not anymore.


With a little help from Baker’s De-Bulker, a unique texturizing trimmer with three specialized texguards, hours of chipping and notching can hit the bricks. And now they’re available for purchase at all Salon Centric locations!


Here, creator Michael Baker shows you how to De-Bob long hair, giving it an amazing feel and movement. This look is a great way to switch it up for your girls who “totally want a different look” but are clutchin’ their pearls the second the shears get too close.


Here’s how it’s done!



1. Start at the nape, sectioning and clipping up the hair from the crown to the hairline. Start midshift with the hair off the parietal.

2. Use the De-Bob guard, run the De-Bulker through the hair from midshafts to ends, keeping the guard parallel to the head with no graduation. This allows the textured channels to be softer.
Note: The more pressure you push with, the deeper the channels.

3. Section by section, take small layers of hair out of the pin on top of the head, repeating
step 2. Continue De-Bobing in this manner, working around the head to the sides.
Note: When running the De-Bulker through the hair, it’s important to pay attention to how the hair is responding to the texture, so you can get an eye for what kind of shape and movement will perfect the style.

4. After completing the lower sections, unclip the hair at the crown. Comb the hair forward, over the face, and work with the De-Bulker on the underside of the hair. This removes excess bulk and creates texture.

5. When you get to the fringe, work from the underside of the hair. Let the strands rest on top of the De-Bulker (almost like an undercut,) and slowly curve it towards your body. This eliminates the length and the bulk, making the fringe look longer on top.

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Watch how Michael Baker creates this sexy long-layered look!


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