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Last updated: January 11, 2021

How-To: F8 Infinity Braid Tutorial + Tips

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F8 Infinity Braid How-To: Watch The IGTV Video Below!

Yes, you should stay updated and educated on braiding trends (for the brides and festival babes in your chair, obvi!) but can we just take a moment to get back to basics? Your foundational skills are ALWAYS on-trend because they are a major key to trying more complicated techniques and styles. That’s why we asked braid expert, celebrity and Fashion Week stylist Nicci Welsh (@nicciwelsh) for her best tips…plus, an entire IGTV how-to for one of our favorite looks of the season—the F8 braid! Get it all below. 



1. Blow Dryer Trick For Clean Sections

Always start by sectioning for the total amount of rows you’re going to braid. Check the client’s natural growth pattern, then try this trick: Use a blow dryer at the roots to direct the hair in the directions you want each section to go in. “This is a big help in getting the perfect finish,” says Nicci. Starting with clean, tight sections will help build the necessary foundation for more intricate braiding techniques and detailed patterns.


TAP HERE For A Pipe Braid Quickie How To!

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Pro Tip: For super-tight braids, Nicci applies Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray to each section as she takes them. This builds thickness and helps maintain control. 

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2. How To Make Braids Last

For both music festivals and weddings (aka your braiding go-tos), longevity is keywhy not make their braids last from the pre-party to the after show OR all weekend long?! “Keeping the tension while braiding and [maintaining] the correct finger placement will make braids last,” shares Nicci. “I actually tested the Pipe Braid for months before I put it out on social media as I wanted to be sure it passed the 24-hour, sleep-in test.”


“I practice a braid a lot before I start doing it on a client so I am 100 percent sure of my finger placement,” says Nicci. “I have found with all my practicing that the better you know the sectioning and weaving, the better you can keep the tension and the braid lasts longer.” Tap through some of Nicci’s most-liked braids on Instagram below!


Instagram via @nicciwelsh



3. Made A Mistake? Here’s How To Fix It

Don’t be afraid of starting overyour client wants their braids to stay intact and on point, so a redo is worth it if necessary. “The beauty of a braid is in the twisted details and intricate patterns,” shares Nicci…so you don’t want to sacrifice those well-executed nuances for the sake of time. If it’s something like a small piece of hair sticking out, use very fine U-pins to put them in place. Otherwise, restart and REFRESH. “If you try to hide it, you will always be dissatisfied, especially if you are going to post a picture of it.”


IGTV How-To: Watch The Full F8 Braid Step-By-Step Below!

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