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Last updated: November 30, 2017

Guy Tang’s Neon Hair Battle Is On!

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What’s the number one creative color trend right now? Say it with us…NEON! It’s so popular that the king and queen of creative color, Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor, are hosting a neon throwdown of epic proportions. The Neon Hair Battle is this weekend, hosted by BTC’s own Mary Rector-Gable, and before Kenra Professional unleashes five hairdressers in a salon with industry mentors and all the Kenra Neon haircolor they can handle, we have to check out the amazing looks that landed these gals the coveted competition spots!


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Tune In Monday, Jan. 23 at 6 pm PST!


Mary, Guy and Rebecca will join Robb Dubré, Kenra Head of Artistic & Education, and Kim Pham (aka @kimwasabi), the 2016 Hair Battle winner, at LA’s Boulevard3 to check out the transformations and decide who takes the top spot in the Neon Hair Battle. Make sure you watch LIVE on BTC’s Facebook, because Mary will be announcing the Fan Favorite winner! If you entered the competition, you could win a BTC swag bag! For now, check out the looks that earned the five finalists a chance to compete for the top prize.


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Emma Hancock, @masterpiecehair
Moriah Brandons Salon, Altamonte Springs, Fla.


Inspired by the Northern Lights, Emma created this color on a Level 6 base with some lighter ends.


Kenra Color Formulas
Formula A: Demi-Permanent Color 1N
Formula B: Simply Blonde Lightener + choice of developer
Formula C: Neon Violet + White + Neon Charcoal
Formula D: Neon Blue + White + Neon Charcoal
Formula E: Neon Orange + Neon Fuchsia
Formula F: Teal
Formula G: Neon Blue + Neon Violet


1. Create an almond-shaped section with the points extended just above the ear, centered to the middle of the head.


2. Color all the hair left out of the almond section with Formula A.


3. Starting at the bottom of the almond, take a thin section and paint a horizontal pattern. Begin with 3 inches of Formula A at the root, about 4 inches of Formula B in the midshafts, then feather the ends with about 3 inches of black. Continue throughout the almond section, process for 35 minutes to bring the midshafts up to a Level 8/9, then shampoo and blow-dry.


4. In the same almond section, take a thin section and begin to paint with the creative colors. “I was painting a picture in my head of the Northern Lights: gray skies into an orange center with blue-teal waters,” Emma says. Alternate between Formulas D, E, F and G, using saran wrap in between sections.


Megan Schipani, @shmeggsandbaconn
Alchemy Hair Salon,
Silver Spring, Md.


Megan created this rad neon swirl after lightening her model’s roots to a Level 9 and toning her with Demi-Permanent 7VM.


Kenra Color Formulas
Formula A: Teal
Formula B: Neon Charcoal
Formula C: Neon Violet
Formula D: Neon Yellow
Formula E: Neon Orange
Formula F: Neon Fuchsia + Neon Yellow
Formula G: Neon Violet + White
Formula H: Neon Fuchsia + White
Formula I: Neon Yellow + White
Formula J: Neon Green + White
Formula K: Neon Yellow + Pink


Take a horseshoe section on the top of the head and clip it up. Apply Formulas B and C alternately to the roots on the underneath section.


2. Starting at the nape, take diagonal slices and melt the root formulas into the other formulas in this pattern:


  • Alternate between Formulas D, E and F in the midlengths on some sections and just Formula C on other sections.
  • Alternate between Formulas G, H, I and J on some sections and Formulas D and K on other sections.


3. Let down the top horseshoe section and repeat steps 1 and 2.


4. Process for an hour and rinse her in “literally freezing” water, Meg says (lol).


Robin Del Toro, @ms_robinita
Tracy, Calif.


Robin’s “Psychedelic Experience” look started on a pale yellow base.


Kenra Color Formulas
Formula A: Neon Violet
Formula B: Neon Fuchsia
Formula C: Neon Orange
Formula D: Neon Yellow
Formula E: Neon Blue
Formula F: Neon Green  


1. Alternate applying Formula A and E to the base using 1 ½-inch sections. For sections with Formula A, melt it into Formulas B, C and D. For sections with Formula E, melt it into Formula F, then Formula D.


2. While the client processes, apply color in the same pattern to 30-inch human hair extensions.


3. Rinse each section separately using cold water. Apply Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray and blow-dry, style with a 1 ½-inch curling iron, break up the curls with your fingers and spray with Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray.


4. Install the extensions and braid into a Dutch braid.


Ambrosia Carey, @ambrosiacarey
Au Salon,
Portland, Ore.


Inspired by Lisa Frank’s bright shades, Ambrosia created this look on a warm Level 9.


Kenra Color Formulas
Formula A: Neon Charcoal
Formula B: Neon Blue
Formula C: Neon Yellow
Formula D: Neon Violet
Formula E: Neon Orange + 4 drops Neon Fuchsia + 2 drops Neon Yellow
Formula F: Neon Fuchsia
Formula G: Neon Green


1. Use Formula A at the base and blend out.


2. Create diamond-shaped, high-low sections. On one section, alternate between Formulas B and C, blurring between the two.


3. On the next section, alternate between Formulas D and E, blurring between the two.


4. On the next section, alternate between Formulas F and G.


5. Continue this pattern of alternating applications.


6. At the crown, apply Formula G.

7. In a 2-inch band along the parietal ridge, apply Formula D, then Formula F over that.


Alicia McLaughlin, @thehairstylish
West Chester, Penn.

Alicia (aka Lish Mac) created this Fire Opal look as an ode to her birthstone.


Kenra Color Formulas
Formula A: 1 tube White + ¼ tube Neon Charcoal + 1/8 tube Neon Violet
Formula B: 2 tubes White + 1/8 tube Neon Charcoal + Neon Violet
Formulas C, D, E, F, G: Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Blue and Neon Fuchsia in separate bowls


1. Apply Formula A from the root to about 1 inch to 1 ½ inches down the hair.


2. Split the hair into quadrants and begin in the back. Take ½-inch sections and randomly hand-paint with Formulas C, D, E, F and G.


3. Paint Formula B over the top of everything, working it into the hair with your fingers to blend.


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