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Last updated: August 03, 2017

Get Your Fashion Fix—From Scalp Braids To Undercuts

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Your edgier clients crave an edgier style. And with New York Fashion Week right around the corner…this is the fashion fix you (and your clients!) need. Try something daring, different and fashion-forward—because sometimes, a girl just needs some textured fringe, a twisted scalp braid or a pulled-back undercut to match her punk-couture attitude. label.m knows a thing or two about that, and here, the team brings five high-fashion looks to the salon level! So get the how-tos and have some fun behind the chair.


Textured Rope Braid


1. Apply Volume Mousse through dry hair in 1- to 2-inch sections from the nape forward. Then blow-dry.


2. Starting at the front hairline, apply Resurrection Style Dust and take a ½-inch section to tease hair with a tail comb.


3. Flat iron random pieces of hair to create a multi-textured finish. Then, take all hair to one side and separate the hair into four loose sections.


4. Start to crisscross these sections to create a rope-braid effect.


5. Crisscross left and right sections, then crisscross top and bottom sections.


6. Continue these steps until the braid is complete.


7. Loosen the braid and apply Dry Shampoo to the finished look for added texture.


Seen on celebs like Whitney Port, Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham.


How-To: Twisted Scalp Braid


1. Take a C-curve section from the hairline to the low recession on one side of the head, then create a second section on top of the low recession, equal in depth.


2. Separate the third and largest section with a clip.


3. To begin the rope, start at the front hairline. Take a small section and divide it into two subsections. Twist these pieces in the same direction, crossing over in the opposite direction. Continue this technique on the top of the parting. 


Take a vertical subsection and add to the twist as you move back in the scalp twist (much like a French braid technique).


5. Prep the largest amount of free hair (the third section) with Sea Salt Spray + Dry Shampoo and blow-dry, overdirecting forward for elevated volume.


6. Blow-dry with label.m round brush. Alternate twist-drying as well as vertical-drying for a variation of textures.


7. Finish by applying Soufflé for a more textured effect.


Seen on celebs like Kristen Stewart,
Lauren Conrad and Cara Delevingne.


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How-To: Fashion Fringe


1. Prep the hair with Power Paste for better control, then position the client’s chin to chest.


2. Take two subsections and crisscross, like the start of tying your shoes. 


3. From here, alternate gathering a new subsection, left and then right, to add to each new knot you create.


4. Continue the knot braid technique until you reach about 2 inches from the front hairline.


5. Tie off and/or secure the end of the knot braid and leave ends free to act as “fringe.”


6. Cover with an elastic headband to conceal the end of the braid and work the fringe to suit the client. Use Dry Shampoo for a matte finish and Hairspray to secure the finished result.


Fringe seen on celebs like Alexa Chung,
Cara Delevingne and Alicia Keys.


How-To: Glam Undercut


1. Prep the hair using Thickening Volume Foam. Then start with a high recession horseshoe section, clipping away the top.


2. Begin below the horseshoe, and create a central-vertical division so you have a right and left section. Choose one side to work with, apply Therapy Radiance Oil and brush the entire section of hair to the back vertical parting, keeping tension tight.


3. Give the section a clean, tight twist and pin into place.


4. Repeat on the opposite side, apply Hairspray to both sides and smooth flyaways.


5. Pin additional hair draping down to ensure secured direction in which it falls, then remove clip from the top section and loosen hair.


6. Create more volume by backcombing, then set with Hairspray.


Seen on celebs like Rihanna and Gwen Stefani.


How-To: Glam Garland


1. Prep the hair quickly by taking large sections and applying Extra Strong Mousse to the roots and ends. Then blow-dry.


2. Take a loose central profile division from the front hairline through the nape, and clip one side away.


3. Working from the back side, take a section, and divide this into three subsections. From here, work the inside-out braid around the head, feeding each middle section with additional hair. (Be mindful of tension. Loose is key for this look.)


4. Apply Resurrection Style Dust and backcomb the ends to fasten the reverse braid from unraveling. Then apply Dry Shampoo for added texture.


Seen on celebs like Sienna Miller, Florence Welch and Jennifer Lawrence.