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Last updated: November 10, 2017

Extend Yourself

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Thanks to these innovations, adding hair has never been easier!


When it comes to hair extensions, some stylists like to bond, some like to weave, some like to tape. Here are some intriguing new developments to help you get the job done—more efficiently!


GL Apps by Great Lengths



what’s new: Tape extensions with a single-tab attachment.


what it does: Lengthens, volumizes, creates dimensional color effects and corrects situations such as hair that has been broken due to over-styling or over-processing, or a botched attempt at a DIY bang trim.


why it’s innovative: Traditional tape extensions require two tabs to make one attachment. Each tab has adhesive on one side, and the client’s hair is sandwiched between the two tabs. GL Apps are single, two-sided adhesive tabs that are sandwiched between the client’s natural hair. “Traditional tape extensions are hard to disguise. GL Apps are hard to find once they are applied because they’re concealed at the attachment by the client’s own natural hair,” says Celeste Lucero, Great Lengths USA Education Technical Director. “Plus, while adding the same hair density of two traditional tabs, the single GL Apps attachment is thinner and more comfortable.”


what you can earn: Because GL Apps contain the same high quality hair as the Great Lengths premium method keratin bonded strands, the wholesale pricing of GL Apps is very similar to GL bonded hair. The advantage is the significantly reduced application time. Notes Celeste, “In comparison to the Great Lengths strand-by-strand premium application methods, GL Apps can be completed in a quarter of the time while achieving comparable results.” A simple pricing strategy for GL Apps is to take the wholesale cost of the GL Apps needed to complete the application and double it.


find them: Great Lengths


Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano



what’s new: Nano-bond technology


what it does: Instantly and seamlessly bonds five strands of Hairdreams’ luxurious, premium hair.


why it’s innovative: Dorian Thomas, National New Accounts Director for Hairdreams, claims that these are the world’s smallest bonds, and feature a crystal polymer that covers and protects the client’s hair. “These Nanobonds are unified, ultra-thin and have extremely flat-formed bondings that invisibly disappear into your client’s hair,” says Dorian. With the pre-loaded NanoStick, which carries five strands, clients’ hair is thickened and lengthened in just 30 seconds with the push of a button. You can complete an entire head in as little as 40 minutes. Another reason it’s so speedy? “Unlike other common hair extension systems, the fully automatic method does not require any after-application or correction,” says Dorian.


what you can earn: Because Nano-bonds evenly distribute hair across the bond, you’ll use fewer bundles of hair. And because application is so fast, you’ll be more efficient. Figure $500 to $2,000 in service fees per full head, depending upon your market.


find them: hairdreams USA


Ultratress II and Ultratress II Plus Hair Extensions



what’s new: Super quick and easy pre-cut strips, Ultratress II comes in 15-inch strips; Ultratress II Plus comes in 31 shades, including highlighted blends and in 14-, 18- and 25-inch lengths with double hair density. Various texture options are also available.


what they do: Lengthen, volumize and enhance any haircolor or type, quickly and effectively. And thanks to the variety of lengths, it’s easy to create a variety of haircolor effects. For example, combine a medium-toned 14-inch strip with a lighter 18-inch length to produce a quick ombré effect (or vice-versa for a reverse ombré).


why they’re innovative: They feature medically graded, water-resistant, two-sided tape, which is applied horizontally to clean, dry hair. Plus, Ultratress’ sister company, Gemtress, offers a complete line of top of the head hair enhancements that can be used alone or in combination with Ultratress extensions, according to Rhonda McCarthy, VP of Strategy and Business Development for Ultratress and Gemtress.


what you can earn: “At under $200 per box and an average installation fee at three to four times the product cost, the profit margin is one of the highest in the industry today,” notes Tina McIntosh, National Educator for Ultratress.


find them: ultratress


Simplicity Grafts



what’s new: Patented, medical-grade, adhesive technology lets you apply Hair Grafts
directly to the client’s hair.


what it does: Enables you to place highquality, human hair in the crown area to disguise thinning or very fine hair. You can also create volume and fashionable faux fringe. They come in 32 shades, including dignified gray tones.


why it’s innovative: Scalloped edges help Simplicity Hair Grafts blend beautifully into the crown area. And the fact that they are hand-tied to form a “V” shape helps make the blending even more seamless. Available in 10-inch lengths and 1½-inch widths, they’re easy to apply and easy to work with. Plus, they’re reusable and can be re-taped using Simplicity’s re-tape poly strips with wings.


what you can earn: It’s possible to apply a full head of Simplicity Hair Grafts in less than an hour, which means more clients in less time. And according to the pros at Simplicity, you receive guidelines on pricing, marketing initiatives and tips about consultation when you purchase the Simplicity Certification Kit, which accompanies the online training program.


find them: simplicityhair