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Last updated: February 02, 2018

BTC Community: When did you first know you’d be a hairstylist?

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As hairdressers you’re both creative and driven, and you know how to turn your dreams into a reality every day behind the chair—but how did you get your start? When did you first know you’d pursue your dreams of becoming a stylist? We reached out to the BTC community on Instagram to ask the question:


“How many of you out there ALWAYS KNEW you’d be a hairstylist? At what age?”


Here’s what some of our 1 million Insta followers had to say!


Always. My first memory is at the age of six with my doll that I called “the doll Sassoon.” I would wash, style and (poor thing) cut her hair. She ended up with a very edgy Sinead O’Connor look.


In kindergarten, the teacher asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said a hairdresser, a teacher and the boss! My dad saved that assignment and gave it to me the day I opened my first salon.


I started braiding my friends’ hair in second grade. That’s when I knew!




All my dolls were bald from as far back as I can remember! #wantedtobeahairdresserforever


Super young—probably six or seven. My teacher asked us to draw what we wanted to be when we grew up and I drew myself blow-drying someone’s hair at a station.


I’m 55 this year and I used to play “beauty shop” when I was young in elementary school. My parents made me go into business in college, but I ended up back in school in my 30s for cosmetology! Love what I do!


I would say around seven years old. I would cut my brother’s hair and box-dye my mom’s hair. It’s amazing how you are born a stylist!! I started at 16 in my salon and 17 years later, I am still in love with my career!


I decided when I was three. I used to follow my stylist around the chair while he did my mom’s hair telling him where he needed to cut. LOL!


In my younger years, I wanted to be an artist or a paleontologist. My grandma owned a salon and taught me bit by bit. I did my first foiled highlight at 14 and it got into my blood.


I always knew but I was sure around eight years old. My dad let me give him a haircut when I was eight. I stood on the bathtub and just cut. I did a horrible job but I fell in love with cutting!


I was four when my “cool aunt” inspired me to follow in her footsteps! I fell in love with this passion and every career day I would job shadow at a salon. In high school, I was able to get a three hour business course that allowed me to work at a salon every day! A month after graduating high school, I started an esthetics program and started cosmetology school right after (with my husband) and now we have had our spa and salon open for six years!


I guess it seemed to always be my life. I didn’t go to beauty school until after college. Then, finally my girlfriend said, “Now will you get your license?” She gave me the $400.00 to register. I have her to thank. 35 years later, I still enjoy my work.


I was around eight! My very favorite cousin was in cosmetology school and that’s when I knew. Going on 24 years now! Not one day has it ever felt like a job! I love what I do and my fellow co-workers!!


I cut one side of my neighbor’s hair when I was four or five. She had never had a haircut and I gave her a half-bob! I tried to hide the evidence behind a chair. My mom always says that I was able to apply makeup better than her by that age too!


I was reading my kindergarten book not long ago and I had written that I wanted to be a hairstylist under the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question at six years old. Lucky to be doing something I love!


Sixth grade…I was taking appointments for one length trims, creating new bangs and styling hair for elementary school dances!



Five…I did my dog’s makeup and cut my own hair!


At like four years old, brushing my mom’s hair while we watched “Days of Our Lives.” Celebrating 22 years in May!


Around eight…Every Barbie had had a pixie cut by the end. I’ve been in the business for 14 years and counting!!!!