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Last updated: October 02, 2017

Employee Dress Code For Salons?

What’s in your wardrobe? As a salon owner, the topic of dress codes can get a little sticky. Should your stylists dress all in black? business professional? No jeans? There are so many options! BTC member and salon owner Yvonne Rosales is looking to change the dress code at her salon in order to increase professionalism and unify the team…but needs some insight! We asked our Facebook fans for guidance—here’s what they recommended!



At our salon, we wear whatever suits us. Some stylists are trendy, some are traditional and others are conservative. Each of us attracts clients that appreciate our individual style. Self-expression is what our careers are all about. I have worked in salons with strict dress codes, and quite honestly people dressed far worse than at my current salon where we can be ourselves.
-Michelle Bryant Ray


Sleeves are crucial. Nobody needs to stare up at an armpit while getting a shampooed!
-Jennifer Jones 


One night at an awards show in LA, I was fortunate enough to be seated next to the great Edith Head. She told me the reason she and her staff always wore black was so they never out-shined the clients they worked with. She said our job was to always make clients the most glamorous ones in the room, which is why I wear black a lot (and looking thinner is always a plus!).
-Danton Robert Thompson


Make sure to cover the b’s…boobs, belly and butt!
-Jane Proffer


Our golden rules: be stylish and trendy, be appropriate and use common sense! Don’t look like you’re going out dancing at a bar, but I think all black is unreasonable. We’re in the fashion industry; we should be able to express ourselves!
-Olivia Boland 


Times have changed, even on stage. Younger artists are wearing everything from gaged ears to ripped pants to tobogins on their heads! I say dress according to your area. If your salon is downtown, your clientele are business men and women and therefore should dress in business casual. If your salon is in the suburbs or country, your stylists should dress more casual. It’s all about location!
-Lorie Kelly

I loved the salon I used to work in; they dressed in black from the waist down and professional from the waist up.
-Rachel Stanley 


In my beauty school we have a black, white and grey dress policy. We can wear jewelry as a splash of color, but that’s it. Also, done hair and makeup is a must! We like our stylists to look professional, because it reflect the kind of clientele we bring in.
-Marlea Ford


We can wear anything as long as it’s professional, so no jeans whatsoever! Shoes must also have backs on them, and no shoulders showing!
-Bailey McNamara


All black, 10% color!
-Tricia Clifford Pleu