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Last updated: November 15, 2021

Barbers: 4 Ways To Use A Blow Dryer You Didn’t Know

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4 Blow-Drying Techniques For Barbers

PSA: If you’re not using a dryer throughout barbering services, you’re losing time and potential income! That’s why we’re sharing the blow-drying techniques barbers commonly forget AND timesavers for faster appointments. Keep scrollin’ to get pro tips from BaBylissPRO® barbers Frank Soto (@frankdabarber) and Nicole Solomon (@_nicolerenae).


1. Struggling With Beards? Do This!

Straighten or shape beards without having to use a round brush and dryer—here’s how! Nicole uses the BaBylissPRO® ROSEFX Dryer with the Beard Pic attachment on low heat, high volume. “That way I can comb out the beard with a stronger air force coming from the blow-dryer without burning the client,” says Nicole. “Make sure to avoid the highest heat [setting] while being so close to the face.”


Avoid Too Much Tension: Instead of working with a Concentrator nozzle and brush, Frank always uses the Beard Pic directly before a beard wash. The combination of the heat and brushing with the pic attachment makes it easier to detangle without unwanted pulling.


Ready to try these blow-drying tricks?! Check out the GOLDFX + ROSEFX Dryers—click here!


2. Don’t Skip These Easy Steps 

Missing out on opportunities to save time? Here’s an easy solution: Start taking advantage of different dryer attachments throughout a service to pick up the pace.


  • Avoid itchiness. Remove excess hairs that stick to the neckline and around the cape to prevent discomfort. Nicole also uses a dryer throughout a service to remove hair from her standing area to prevent slipping and falling.
  • Try this clean mirror cheat. When Frank cleans his station, he blows the hot air from his blow-dryer onto the mirror and wipes with a dry towel for a super clean finish.


Pro Tip: Cut down drying time 💥 Nicole uses the lock-in Turbo Shot on her FX Dryer to boost wind speed up to 100mph!


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3. Expand Styling Offerings

“[Barbers] miss out on a clientele that want more of a defined style up top and are willing to pay more for it, or even make the process of drying hair that much faster!” says Nicole.


Watch the fast tutorial below!

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4. Try This Aftershave Trick 

There’s nothing worse than going to spray alcohol or aftershave—and your client feels a burning sensation! One of Frank’s favorite cheats: Use the cold shot button on the BaBylissPRO® GOLDFX Dryer to direct the aftershave WHERE you want it. This creates a cool sensation instead of that unwanted fiery feeling. 


Watch @frankdabarber’s quickie transformation.

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