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Last updated: October 04, 2017

Backstage Tips To Help You Style on the Quick

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We totally feel you. Life at the salon? It’s not a slow one. With clients coming in and out, on your busiest days, you have to be quick but you can’t cut corners—think the crazy-fast pace of Fashion Week stylists, frantically styling and prepping behind the scenes. Maybe it’s time to take a page from the backstage book! Here are some sweet fashion week tricks you can use to up the pace.


Your Secret Weapons


1. The Need for Hair Speed

Styled by James Nicholson, KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.MASTER, for Modern Love at Melbourne’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016


For ponytails that stay put all day and night, use hair bungees instead of traditional elastics. Bungees allow you more control of the tightness and messiness, speeding up styling time. They allow for a custom-fit ponytail no matter the hair texture and won’t harm the hair like regular elastics.


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How To Use: Hook one end into the hair and wrap the elastic around the pony until it’s as tight as you’d like. Then hook the two ends together or push the hook directly into the hair. It will stay firmly in place until you choose to remove it.


BONUS How-To: Sleek & Voluminous Bungee Pony


Courtesy of celebrity stylist Chris Dylan, TV Personality Brooke Burke’s high-class, sky-high pony was a quick and easy slam-dunk. See how it’s done!


1. To avoid a saggy nape, have your client tilt their head back while you fasten the pony with a hair elastic. Then use double security with a hair bungee to really tighten the pony.


2. Tease the pony at the base, by the hair bungee, to create volume.


3. Smooth the style over with a styling brush such.


4. Use a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to tame any baby hairs or flyaways.


2. No-Crease Hair Cheats


The worst thing that could happen to your hard-won style? Clip creases. To help keep you stylin’ on the quick, it’s time to pull out those Creaseless Clips. They’re perfect for holding down flyaway hair while putting on makeup—making them a backstage favorite at fashion and runway shows. Is she getting ready for a big party? She wants the works? No prob. You can hold her hair just where you’d like without the hassle.





3. Wig Drying in No Time

Styled by Sam McKnight for Vivienne Westwood  Paris Fashion Week Spring/Winter 2016


Much like backstage, not all of your clients’ hair is their own. From extensions to wigs, sometimes your client is going to have a little extra. A huge problem for a lot of quick styling is drying wigs quickly and efficiently while still getting them totally dry.



Cut down on time and eliminate patchy drying with the Daroko Wig Dryer. Just place the wig on top of the head and insert your blow dryer nozzle into the mouth, securing it with the clip. It dries from the inside out, and in 15 minutes, your wig is ready to go.



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“This is an incredible product and I would recommend it to anyone who wears a wig as it really does work!” – Trevor Sorbie


4. Your Hands-Free Updo Assistant
Let’s face it—as a stylist (and human being) you only have two hands, but sometimes you just need a little more. It’s time to spend less time practicing the great hairpin balancing act and more time focusing on your client. With Nicholas French Pin-Ups, the lightweight, magnetic wrist organizer, you can keep pins and clips close at hand without to interrupt your process.


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