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Last updated: September 27, 2018

Anh Co Tran’s Marcel Tips For Lived-In Texture

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Anh Co Tran’s Marcel Techniques For Achieving Lived-In Texture
If you have an Instagram, you’ve seen Anh Co Tran’s (@anhcotran) lived-in waves and undone texture on celebs and Cali cool-girls. That’s why we’re dishing out how to achieve this on-trend look with a Marcel iron from the master himself. 


The BTC team was stoked to spend two days hanging at the L’Oréal Professionel Hair Fashion Tour in Los Angeles to experience hands-on education and master artistry—like watching Anh invite attendees on stage to break down this anything-but-effortless style. From techniques for short-haired clients to whether you should be clicking or sliding the Marcel, scroll through to slay waves! 



Anh creates dimension by alternating lived-in and nu wave techniques. 


1. Marcel—To Click Or Slide?!

Texture determines technique when working with the Marcel. Here’s when you should be sliding or clicking the iron to create the wave pattern:

  1. Click the iron if the hair is coarser, thicker or harder to hold a curl.
  2. Slide the Marcel on blonde or fine-haired clients, because clicking too hard can create creases and harsh indentations in the hair.

Click?! Or slide?! Analyze your client’s texture first. 


2. Technique For Short-Haired Clients

With a recent increase in bob and lob requests, especially for Anh (he’s mastered the official cool-girl bob trend!), it’s important to modify waving techniques for short-haired clients.

  • Start the wave at the mids and work toward the ends.
  • Position is key. Holding the Marcel iron horizontally and close to the head, feed the hair into the barrel. Then, allow to cool before shaking out the hair.



3. Avoid Weighing Hair Down At The Crown

Prevent hair from falling flat by building volume at the crown. In this area, elevate each section and gently slide (to avoid a crease!) the Marcel back and forth with the clamp up, applying heat closer to the roots. Then hold and allow to cool before continuing the same wave pattern.


4. Alternate Techniques & Wave Patterns

To create dimensional and full-bodied texture, Anh not only alternates the direction of each wave, but he also recommends alternating techniques. By working with two wave patterns—his signature lived-in and nu wave techniques—he is able to achieve a more dimensional look.




Click HERE to learn Anh’s nu wave technique! 

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