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Last updated: October 03, 2017

9 Tips To Help You Dominate Social Media

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No question Pinterest is the go-to when you’re creating a look book for your sister’s bridal shower, and Instagram is the perfect place to post that romantic selfie you took with your sweetie in Key West. But are you working your favorite social media destinations to build your career as well as your social life? PRAVANA Digital Communications Manager, Caisa Airmet—who claims more than 154,000 followers for her company on Instagram and over 108,000 on Facebook—offers these tips to promote your skills and your business online.


1. Post often and post your best. “The beauty industry is a visual industry,” says Caisa.  “Take advantage of image-focused social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, and post something you have created there every day. These platforms let you share, inspire others and attract potential clients. Display only your best work, whether it’s cut, color or style.  Before and after photos are highly effective. There are many great apps you can use to edit your photos and showcase your skills to their best advantage. Two of my favorites are PicFrame and Afterlight.”


2. Shoot like a pro. Pictures speak volumes, so take the time to photograph your work in a way that truly highlights your skill and supports your personal branding. Experiment with lighting and angles to determine what looks best. Have fun! “I like to approach every shot as a mini photo shoot,” says Caisa. So avoid taking photos of clients wearing capes in the chair, with clutter and other people in the background. Seek out clean backgrounds or textured walls that will compliment your work, not distract from it. 


3. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client. Ask yourself what you would like to see. Think about the types of images that attract you.Don’t be afraid to mix it up and occasionally include fun quotes, personal industry inspiration, and appropriate tidbits about you as a person. Your followers will appreciate the personal touch. 


4. Don’t be a stranger.  Be sure to include your salon name and contact information on all social media profiles.


5 .#Wisely. Learn which hashtags are most effective for your posts. To begin, ask yourself what you would type in if you were looking for inspiration online. For example, hashtags like #pravanavivids, #unicornhair, #mermaidhair will yield images of bright haircolor. Avoid generic tags like #hair and #salon—your images will get lost in the mountains of photos. Designate a hashtag for yourself or your brand and encourage your clients to use it as well. This will create online conversation and you will begin to build an exclusive database of your work.


6. Makeovers always sell. There’s no better way to showcase your transformation skills than with before and after photos. Important!  Always ask permission before posting a client’s photo—privacy is crucial!  And remember, there are “private” ways to show your work on a client—for example, a side-by-side photo of the back of the head can be just as effective as a straight-on shot.


7. Put your stamp on it. Select a smartphone app that will stamp or watermark your images with your social handle so your work can’t be copied and passed off as someone else’s. It also ensures that you always get credit if your work is shared or reposted. iWatermark is a great app—it allows you to customize your watermark font and display format.


8. Spread the love. Everyone loves a little flattery!  Give your clients, models, photographers, etc. a shout out by tagging them in your photos and commenting how great they/their work looks.  They will be thrilled, and likely to share among their friend circles! 


9. Be social and be-have!  his is your opportunity to directly connect with potential clients, so always behave professionally. Be helpful, share tips and tricks, respond in a timely manner, and show your fan base why YOU are one to follow.