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Last updated: July 08, 2017

9 Tips For Better Braids

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From the red carpet to the catwalk to weddings and just because, one hair trend that never goes out of style is braids. From classic to French to Boho to fishtail—these intricately laced styles are perfect for any occasion. Could your braiding use a little work? No problem—the pros at ColorProof have your back. Here are some helpful tips to improve your technique so you can take your braids from subpar to chic in no time flat.


1. Braid hair when it is damp and be sure to apply ColorProof FiberBlast™ Texture Crème throughout. This will give hair pliability and texture to catch loose ends, even on layered hair.


2. For hair that is already dry, spray with ColorProof DrySpell™ Color Protect Dry Shampoo to add texture and grip to the hair.


3. Prior to braiding, section hair and lightly mist with ColorProof AllAround™ Color Protect Working Hairspray to keep each section separate and to prevent pieces from falling out.


4. Begin the braid by taking a very small section right at the part/hairline and split it into three subsections.



5. To achieve a “fatter” braid, braid inside out, looping the middle section over and under the outer sections, while adding hair to each section. Once the braid is complete and secured with a clear elastic, tug lightly at each loop, starting at the top and working your way down to loosen and make each loop appear thicker.



6. Crisscrossing braids either in the back or on top of the head is a great way to make simple braids look more intricate. It’s also good for hiding the ends and elastics.


7. Messy is okay! Slightly messy braids appear romantic and ethereal. If need be, tuck away any unwanted strands by smoothing into place with fingertips using ColorProof RuleBreaker™ Firm Flexible Wax.



8. Once your style is complete, spray all over with ColorProof HardCore™ Epic Hold Color Protect Hairpray to set your style.


9. Finish with an allover mist of ColorProof HumidityRx™ Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray to eliminate frizz and flyaywas. Voila!