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Last updated: November 20, 2017

9 Time-Saving Ways To Nail Festival Hair

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We know your clients (and you) have been dying for festival season to begin and we get it, because like, SAME. And finally, it’s officially here! Coachella kicked off the 2016 festival season exactly how you thought it would—with outrageous hair and summer styles social media just can’t get enough of. And of course label.m and BTC were on site for all of it!


The team paired up with NYLON Magazine during the first weekend at Coachella to style the ‘It Girl’ festival-goers. Leave it to the label.m art team to bring their Coachella product musts and a-game braiding skills for inside ideas and trends you’ll use all festival season long! Check out some exclusive tips from the festival everyone is talking about!


See label.m at COLOR, Cut & Style!


Hair by Ana Cetina.


1. Strive for (Im)perfection
Festival trends can be directly translated as “lived-in” so don’t try to force perfection and when in doubt, use your products! Try a matte Texturising Spray like label.m Texturising Volume Spray to give yourself grip with added modern texture. Once your braid is done, go back and pull pieces apart for a super chill vibe.


2. Up Your Braid Game
If you’re going to plait in this league, you’ll want to start practicing. Festival girls don’t play—trust us, they know their braids. Study up and wow your clients with something they’ve never seen by incorporating another strand or knotting technique. See the how-to from Devin Graciano & Jason Tsunoda for this four strand knotted technique here:




3. Double the Bun, Twice the Fun
For a super quick and playful style, go for the double bun. And for the girl who wants her look to be what everyone is talking about? Take 5 minutes to create a sassy pair of braids to add to the look!


Hair by Devin Graciano.


4. Consider the temps. Weather update: it’s HOT
This one is simple…out of the face and off the neck. After all, Coachella-goers are in the middle of the desert! And if you’re styling for a different festival? Getting her hair out of her face and off the neck is still a good way to go! 


5. Four Hands are Better Than Two
Grab a buddy to craft a cleaner braid and to get your style done in half the time! This is also a great way to learn something totally new or create a teaching moment.


6. Color is KING
Quickly transform any style in 3 seconds using a color spray. This Coachella is seeing brighter colors than ever before as clients are becoming more expressive and bolder with their hair decisions. Make the same statement in a fraction of the time using a quality temporary color spray, like label.m Powder Sprays with vivid colors Pink, Blue, Red and Purple.


Hair by Devin Graciano.


7. Don’t Hate on the Man Braid
Encourage your male clients to let you try a sleek scalp braid or allow you to experiment with a different product. Keep it clean because a messy man braid just isn’t cute.


8. Let Your Creative Juices Flow
If your client wants something quirky and different, go for it! Think outside the box and reverse the technique to braid from nape to forehead. Festival styling should be laid back and fun. If you are confident and ready for the challenge, odds are the look will turn out to be something beautiful that she’ll fall in love with.


Hair by Jarrod Aldama pictured with with model, Krystall Schott.


9. Make Your Peace with Flower Crowns
Don’t worry, they will be back again someday. This year it is all about those sleeker accessories like metallic flash tattoos (for hair), metal stones and glitter. And for the low maintenance, dream-easy client, a little product and a trendy hat always makes a fabulous style statement!


BTC’s Quin Gable hanging out with label.m and
rocking the perfect hat for an easy-going Coachella vibe.