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Last updated: April 10, 2018

6 Styling Tips To Get Hair Ready For Festival Season

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Festival season is back which means clients have vibrant haircolor, glitter and braids on the brain, and you’re tasked with creating intricately edgy styles that’ll last. Kelly O’Leary-Woodford’s (@hairbymisskellyo) Instagram is full of festival-worthy looks, so we asked the BTC Team member how she gets clients ready for festival season. Find out what tips she shared below, then watch how she creates a boho braid!




Watch how Kelly creates a festival-ready boho braid below!

Products Used


1. Hydrate Those Strands

She probably won’t wash her hair until after the festival, so make a sale by recommending products that’ll hydrate her hair, like Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair So You Want It All Leave-In Treatment and Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In ConditionerThen, have her use them before you style (to prep her hair for a weekend of wear and tear) and after to give those sun-soaked locks some much-needed TLC.


2. Add Some Variety Each Day

If she’s attending multiple days (and having you create styles for each), save the braid for day three when her hair has more texture. Start with a simple down-style at first and get more complex with each day, saving your best festival-worthy braid for the last day. 


3. Creating Braids On Fine Hair

For clients with super fine and/or pin straight hair, their strands are known for falling flat no matter how much hairspray is used. If she’s set on a braided ‘do, Kelly recommends sticking with a tight braiding technique that has more stability, like a pull-through braid.


4. Choosing A Curl Pattern

If she wants loose, beachy waves, use a 1½-inch curling wand and wrap the hair around it in alternating directions. For tighter waves, do the same just with smaller sections. And for a dry/matte finish, add Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Surfrider Dry Texture Spray and Healthy Sexy Hair Hair Laundry Dry Shampoo Spray to give her strands some grip. 


5. Keep It Simple

Not all festival styles need to be extremely intricate-looking. For clients who are more low-maintenance, curling the hair with a wand and creating something simple like a tight braid along her part is one way to give her an edgy style that’ll stay put.


6. Use Bobby Pins As Extra Insurance

If it feels like hairspray won’t be strong enough to prevent styles from coming loose, for extra security Kelly says to insert bobby pins by sliding them in against the grain without opening them.



In need of a festival-ready braid that your short-haired clients can rock? Check out this 4-strand festival braid quickie!


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