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Last updated: December 15, 2017

6 Last-Minute Holiday Moneymaking Ideas

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It’s almost time to kiss the hectic holiday season goodbye, but why not bring in a little extra cash before you do? Enter the “Give a gift, get a gift,” holiday promotion! If you’ve never introduced this special into your salon, here are six last-minute holiday moneymaking ideas that’ll benefit you, the salon and your clients.


1. Give a Little, Get a Little
Offer clients a little something for themselves by adding a $20 voucher for every gift certificate purchase that’s over $100. Clients won’t be able to resist this “One for you, one for me,” promotion, especially when they are running out of time to holiday shop.


2. A Gift Card For A Gift Card
This special compels clients to purchase gift cards and, when they do, they receive an additional gift card for free. So, spend $150 and get another $25 gift card; spend $200 and receive a $35 gift card. The client has the option of keeping the additional card or using it for another gift. 



3. Do A Holiday Drawing
Want to take it to the next level? Have each person who purchases a $100 gift certificate or product gift set entered into a drawing to win a full day of beauty in the salon.


4. Team Up With Your Neighbors
Support your salon while supporting local businesses by offering clients a package deal. Pair gift certificates for salon services with gift certificates to neighboring restaurants, fitness studios, retail shops, etc.



5. Offer Gifts-With-Purchase
Do you have extra product collecting dust in your supply closet? These are now your free gifts-with-purchase when clients buy a gift certificate. If you’re lucky, clients might fall in love with the product and repurchase at their next appointment!


6. Show A Little Love To Travel-Sized
Similar to free gifts-with-purchase, just downsized. If giving away product isn’t in this year’s budget, offer a free travel-sized hairspray or styling gel with each gift certificate purchase. Not only does it provide an incentive to buy gift cards, but sampling products could become regular purchases down the road.