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Last updated: April 09, 2018

5 Tips for Lining and Edging Your Clipper Cuts

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Are you having a hard time getting a perfect line on your textured hair clipper cuts?  The crisp and clean lining and edging of a clipper cut makes all the difference on textured cuts. Here are five “texturific” tips for making texture clipper cutting easy-breezy.


1. Tool Academy – You must have the right tool for the job. Here are four “tool tips” to keep in mind:
– Ultra fine toothed trimmers are required for precision work.
– “T” style blades can make small details much easier.
– Wider, more aggressive trimmer tooth designs will leave softer edges and fuzzier lines.
– Narrower blades make tough areas, like behind the ear, a snap.


2. Get a Degree – The angle or position of the trimmer blade relative to the scalp makes a big difference between creating sharp lines and edges or delivering a new cut that looks days old … positioning the blade at 90 degrees to the scalp will create the best lines. Understanding how to adjust this angle based upon the client;s unique growth pattern and direction is where an experienced professional really shines. This takes practice and a keen eye. Learn to look and see before cutting.”




3. Best Kept Secret – “Scooting” the scalp a smidge when clipper cutting. Applying tension to the scalp to distort the line is another secret of top barber professionals. The thumb of your other hand is used to make these adjustments.


4. Mirror, Mirror – Become best friends with your station mirror, the mirror on the wall is one of your most powerful cutting tools. Complete one side and turn it to the mirror. Stand at the opposite side. Now you can see two sides at once and get them both the same. Use the mirror side as your guide.


5. Clean Up Your Act – Take care of your tools.  You cannot create crisp, clean work without clean, smooth running tools. “Oil your clipper EVERY client.” Good sanitization is just good business. Clients appreciate it.”