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Last updated: April 10, 2018

4 Tips For Creating An Intricate Infinity Braid

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Braiding techniques have steadily evolved from simple three-strand braids to edgier, more intricate braids, and the infinity braid is as intricate as it gets. Because this technique has a high difficulty level, we asked BTC Team member Liz Cordis (@liz.colors) for her top tips when creating an infinity braid. Find out everything from how she preps to the number of strands she takes below, then watch the videos to see how she does it!





Watch how Liz does it in the videos below!

Products Used


1. How To Prep & Set The Style

Before sectioning the hair, Liz likes to use Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil Moisturizing Oil to tame any flyaways. Then, she’ll use Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Weightless Hairspray at the end to keep her infinity braid in place. 


2. The Number Of Strands

The difficulty level will determine the number of strands to take. For braiding novices, it’s best to follow a traditional infinity braid pattern which involves just two sections and wrapping a small section of hair around them in a Figure 8 motion. For more of a challenge, create an infinity braid using three or four strands.


3. Tension Is Key

The trick to making an infinity braid look intricate is the tension. If tension is too light when wrapping the smaller section around the other strands, the finished style will look less intricate so be sure to maintain taut tension throughout. 


4. The Less Layers, The Better

Bad news for clients with layered locks—this braid won’t look as clean. Plus, too many layers will make creating an infinity braid even more challenging than it already is!


braids infinity braid braiding technique sexy hair liz cordis
Finished shot // Instagram via @liz.colors



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